Secret to boot SpinLaunch 1 start of the contract for the US Military

The secret to boot SpinLaunch, which aims to throw out the satellites are in space without having a traditional starting point, it has just secured its first launch contract.

In a statement today (June 19), SpinLaunch announced that it has received a “start of the prototype contract from the U.S. Department of Defense, under a deal arranged by the Defence and the Innovation Unit. The Long Beach, Calif. – based company aims to launch its first test flights at the beginning of a sustainable growth by 2020, Spaceport America in New Mexico.

SpinLaunch is the development of a kinetic-energy-based launch system that accelerates a small charge to transfer the booster to hypersonic speeds by means of a rotary system, to the ground. In a chemical rocket, it would kick in as soon as the payload is launched from a ground-based system.

A picture released with the announcement, shown as a SpinLaunch the booster is connected to the arm of what appeared to be a juice extractor.


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“SpinLaunch is the reimagining of space launch by reviewing the basic physics and the use of proven industrial technology to create a system that will speed up the start up of the vehicle at hypersonic speed, using ground-to-energy,” SpinLaunch representatives, wrote the following in today’s announcement. “The purpose of the first performance of the earth-based launch platform, the company will be in a position to provide a lower cost launch to orbit, multiple times a day, with no negative impact on the environment.”

Entrepreneur Jonathan Yaney created SpinLaunch at the end of 2014, with the aim of developing a low-cost launch system. The company has said in the past that he hopes to be able to launch small payloads of up to five times a day, for $ 250,000 per flight.

In a statement today, Yaney said, SpinLaunch would fill in the gap between the “bulk” of the transfer of commercial launch vehicles, which are contributing a lot of satellites at a time), and “niche” services, which are targeted to a specific job.

“SpinLaunch to fill in this gap through the provision of a dedicated orbital launch of a high-frequency, at a magnitude lower than the cost of the “niche” start-system” Yaney said. “This is truly a disturbing factor in the rise of the commercial space industry. There is a promising market for growth in the demand for LEO constellations of cheap, small satellites for disaster monitoring, weather, reconnaissance, communications, and other services.”

SpinLaunch to receive $40 million in a Series A investment by 2018, with some funding provided by Airbus, Venture, PE (formerly of Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins to name a few. In May 2019, the company broke ground on a $7 million to the launch site at Spaceport America.

After a series of test flights in 2020, SpinLaunch will start the commercial roll-out activities will be in 2022, the company said.

  • A rocket Launches, The Latest Videos, Pictures and News
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