Secret Service-training in high gear before the Inauguration Day


LAUREL, MD. – Deep in the woods of suburban Maryland, the men and women of the security details for the President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence to prepare for the worst on the day of the inauguration.

“We make for the scope of the problems that can come up,” a senior U.S. Secret Service special agent Fox News said before a rehearsal Tuesday at the Agency’s James J. Rowley Training Center.

Minutes later, while driving route on a huge lot that doubled as a mock Pennsylvania Avenue, dozens of special agents, and the re-enactors, those who were able to protect you, play through a gauntlet of scenarios along the imitation parade.

Fox News embedded with the Secret Service for an exercise that consisted of almost 40 different scenarios that could take place in the course of the presidential journey from the steps of the U.S. Capitol to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The organizers of the operation spared no detail, the set of rows of barricades in front of the eyes of the spectators flanked the route, complete with demonstrators and unruly spectators.

From a routine ankle sprain, the First woman to be an armed attack on the motorcade, the security details – such as the real-life protective situations – preparation of goods, with something to deal with, and everything that could come your way on January 20.

In order to demonstrate the unpredictability during the exercise, the President and Vice-President’s car could be columns of the mock-parade-route in an uneventful round, or they could have have pushed pushed to an unplanned situation an immediate response is required.

“The idea is that everyone on their toes,” an official coordinating the event, told Fox News.

The protectors ran through these situations in the near-constant current circuit, the debriefing played after each. Security training runs continuously for up to inauguration day, so that reaction is muscle memory for this task, the high-intensity the responsibility of securing at all costs, the President, the Vice-President, and their families.

Although there is no specific or credible threats to the President-elect, trump or events of inauguration day tied, for that matter – the secret service is gearing up for what some law enforcement officials say authorities in advance, could be one of the most volatile presidential inaugurations in recent history.

“Each scenario has a different answer, and we don’t want to see that these scenarios, which for the first time on January 20,” Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy Fox News’ Catherine Herridge said Friday. “We are very confident that we have all the information we need to make sure that we have a good secure perimeter for this event.”

of the secure perimeter includes the skies over Washington, DC One of the top threats faced by officials in securing this year, the inauguration of the “unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAVs).

Such a threat, the played during on Tuesday, the event included a rogue drone flying low over the presidential motorcade. The drone quickly began spraying to simulate a green substance, an aerial chemical attacks, which the presidential state car is requested to accelerate off in safety.

“You can said, a payload of a number of different elements,” Clancy. “We are trying a” what if ” these things constantly.”

A proactive effort to prevent an attack like this happens, were banned drones, the air space over Washington, DC on the day of the inauguration of the President.

The Secret Service also provide cybersecurity staff to monitor the Washington area, the digital infrastructure of locations, the route along the parade. The Agency’s Critical Systems Protection division will also be tasked with the status of Cyber Security of digital systems in the facilities, the visit to the President-elect and Vice-President on the evening of the inauguration.

The extension of the dynamic security image, point estimates to the fact that the inauguration of the Donald Trump than the 45. The President of the United States, a record number of protesters to the nation’s capital. On the occasion of a press conference on Friday, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said that his Department knows 99 different organisations, plan to demonstrate on the day of the inauguration.

Undeterred, the secret service chief said that his Agency is well-prepared.

“We had advised the protesters during the entire campaign, so we are used to working with them,” Clancy ‘. “We expect some, for sure.”

With the constant threat of homegrown violent extremists, law enforcement authorities additional measures for the protection of the parade route, as well as the kick-off event of the outer perimeters.

These include the use of large sand truck and dump trucks to barricade surrounding roads in an effort to prevent would-be terrorists from the function of vehicles as weapons. The strategy takes into account the lessons learned from the recent attacks in Berlin and nice, France, where the attacker used the in the name of ISIS, a large truck on the run in crowds, killing 12 and 86 of the innocent, respectively.

In view of the inauguration of the designation as a National Special Security Event (NSSE) – the U.S. government is the highest profile event-security – classification – the Secret Service is charged with leading all of the protection efforts. This includes the establishment of a ” Multi-Agency Coordination Center (MACC), which will serve as the brain, through which threat intelligence, and security plans, authorities will go to the law enforcement.

But given the enormity of the safety, image, law enforcement assets from dozens of other agencies also on hand to help.

Serve as the lead in the field of counter-terrorism efforts for all of the opening festivities, the FBI have the members of the Washington Field Office SWAT team to help, the secret service, as needed. The Agency will deploy monitoring teams, as well as a bomb technician, hostage negotiator, evidence response teams, in the event of a crisis.

“We are looking for everything and everyone… the smaller, simpler attack is much higher on our radar now than four years ago,” said Paul Abbate, the Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI Washington Field Office. “Large scale, small scale, we really have to think about everything, and it begins in the run-up to the partnerships and really building the intelligence picture.”

Fox News is contributed by Catherine Herridge to this report



Matthew Dean Fox News Channel ‘ s Department of Justice & Federal Law Enforcement producer. Follow him on Twitter @Matt-in firewall.

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