Secret-Service-agents, and the defendant under the ‘bullet’ for Trump is helping in the organization ‘Womxn” March

nearvideo women March canceled over concerns of being “predominantly white”

The women’s March-the event was scheduled for the 19th. January, was cancelled due to concerns of being ‘mostly white.’

The senior Secret Service agents who said they wanted to not that a “ball” for President, Trump was removed from their leadership position almost two years ago to help organize a “Womxn” March on Denver 19. January as a member of the event’s executive leadership team, according to the March website.

Kerry O’grady is supporting the March, when it appears, will remain on the Secret Service payroll and more to live in Denver, although she said apart from its previous role as head of the Denver office, several sources close to the Secret Service, the Washington Free Beacon.

It is her second year of involvement with the March, according to its website.

The website says organizers contain an “x” in the word “woman”, “because we believe in justice, and we act with purpose, to make space for trans, non-binary, and genderqueer people in our name.”

The website says that O’grady “is supported, the logistics and the leadership team in 2018.”

In addition, O ‘ Grady in the last few months, said, other agents, and the beat “” the Agency’s erroneous charges for the anti-Trump Facebook posts and that they planned to retire within the next 60 to 90 days, if you have reached a key retirement milestone date, the said sources, the free Beacon.behavior

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