Second Room wants to be hearing category is United States

Second Room wants to be hearing category is United States

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A majority in the Second Chamber wants to have a hearing on the re-entry ban for citizens of seven muslim countries that the Us president, Donald Trump has set.

D66 and GroenLinks did their call Sunday. The proposal by D66 and GroenLinks is supported by, among others, the PvdA, the CDA and the SP, said D66.

At the hearing, they want to include questions to KLM, the police and an expert in the field of international law. Also the british national y, the y for the Animals, to Group Kuzu/Öztürk and independent Member of parliament Norbert Klein for a hearing.

The measure of Trump also has an impact on the Netherlands. KLM weerde for example, a few passengers of flights to the US.

“What, for example, can Schiphol airport, as the owner and operator of terminal 4 at airport JFK in New York? What is the role of police and other services?'”, like GroenLinks and D66 know.

World leaders react to re-entry ban Trump


The European Commission takes “for legal reasons the time” to the president, Donald Trump declared re-entry ban for citizens of seven muslim countries to the USA for may have consequences for EU-citizens with a dual nationality.

“We will ensure that EU-citizens are not discriminated against,” said the spokesman of the commission Monday. A reaction of the EU on the measures of Trump left to wait for.

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Internationally, there is also much criticism of the introduction of the re-entry ban by Trump. So have the Netherlands and Germany had previously asked for clarification and explanation of the measure. Germany advised people for whom the entry applies to Monday even not to travel to the United States. The French president Hollande has said that protectionism in the current issues “a fruitless answer” is.

A federal judge in the state of New York has, despite the prevailing view held that persons in the USA have landed and have a valid visa, must be admitted.

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More than a million Britons, in turn, have a petition drawn, in which they call for the state visit of Donald Trump to the United Kingdom to cancel. The number of signatures of the petition took a strong flight after the announcement of the re-entry ban.

Although a spokesman of the British prime minister, May said the British government’s view of the US disapproves of, put politicians in the country questioning the relationship between Trump and the United Kingdom. Tuesday, the developments in the United States under the reign of Trump discussed in the British parliament.

Again protests against Trumps category

In New York marched around ten thousand protesters to the building of the immigration.

Also at the airport of San Francisco was protested.

In Washington D. C. there were large protests at the White House.

Protesters walk in the direction of the White House in Washington.

In Washington, it was later in the evening a torchlight procession walked to the observatory, as a protest against the re-entry ban.

Also at the airport Sunday evening to protest against the entry of Us president Donald Trump.

For the main entrance of the airport held a crowd signs up with texts such as ‘refugees welcome’.

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According to various international news agencies, the Iraqi parliament to U.s. government asked the re-entry ban for citizens of islamic countries, including Iraq, to lift. Meanwhile, it should be the country to work on a private entry for Americans. A law that is adopted must arrange Americans are a separate request to do so in order for Iraq to be allowed to travel. For any Americans this is going to apply and how the measure further would have to look, is unclear.

The applicable re-entry ban to the United States, according to Iraq a “wrong decision”. According to Iraq works the land hard at the relationships between the country and the United States. That would appear from the contribution of Iraq in the fight against Islamic State. “We reaffirm the wish of the cooperation between our countries to strengthen”, so reads a statement from Iraq.

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