Search for unbiased news: Trump rips Google as a ‘manipulated’

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Kurtz: Would be the not government regulation of Google worse?

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on the latest criticism of the Google search algorithm, this time from President Trump.

It seems like almost everyone is dissatisfied with Google at one time or another, due to its dominant role in the world, it helps to sort through the endless flood of online information.

Politicians, journalists, entertainers, entrepreneurs and all other want your name, links, articles and videos come up higher in the searches. For some, it is a question of political life and death, for others it is a question of business survival; for others, a matter of sheer ego.

If you encountered’re way down in the rank list, then as a practical matter, they do not exist.

President Trump has loudly added his voice, taking to Twitter to attack the search giant tires:

“Google search results for ‘Trump News’ shows only the display/reporting of Counterfeit media. In other words, you have TAMPERED with it, for me & others, so that almost all of the stories & the news BAD. Fake CNN is prominent.

“Republican/Conservative & Fair Media is excluded. Illegal? 96% of the results on the “Trump News’ the National Left-wing media, very dangerous. Google & other, under the votes of the Conservatives and to hide information and news, which is well suppressed. Controlling what we can & can’t see. This is a very serious situation!”

So The President was not the reaction to a scientific study. He was a blogger, Paula Bolyard quoted by the conservative website PJ Media. You just ran a number of searches for “trump-News” and reported that what they returned, in the view of the left-oriented pages comprised 96 percent of the total number: “CNN, which appeared, by a wide margin, the most frequently, with almost twice as many results as they finished in second place the Washington Post.”

I ran my own test to “Trump News” that in the morning. The first story was from Fox, the second of CNN; the third, the Washington Post was reporting on Trump’s attacks on Google.

The top three tweets that came in A Fox-Stuart Varney, the next two from Trump himself.

The top three videos were from the Guardian, CNN, and Fox.

There are many ingredients to Google’s secret algorithm sauce, but the main goal is to deliver what people are looking for, and that is a huge step forward for news sites that are already popular. CNN has a very high-traffic site, of course it is much.

Note that Trump Fox’s Ainsley Earhardt said that 80 percent of the media is a fake news. So, of course, he would not be pleased with an online search of reporting about him.

Google’s algorithms are open to criticism. The company says, while its key mission is to deliver relevant results, it will also promote efforts to “original journalism, as well as to expose users to different perspectives.”

But even if Google tilt on purpose some of the results, is government regulation the answer? If Trump says it’s “be raised,” who can write the Federal regulations that would ensure fairness and objectivity in the search results? That would not, inevitably, the question of political interference?

Over at Facebook, meanwhile, a senior engineer for a stir with an internal post with the title “We Have a Problem With Political diversity.”

In what culture seemed to validate many years of complaints about the Facebook -, Brian Amerige wrote in a post, the New York Times:

“We are a political mono-culture that is intolerant of different views. We claim to welcome all perspectives, but are quick to attack, often in mobs — who shows a view seemingly in opposition to left-wing ideology.”

Over 100 employees have, as an internal group called the FB’ers joined for Political diversity.

The staff is a tiny fraction of the company’s more than 25,000, but Mark Zuckerberg knows that he has a problem, which is why he and top were officials of both the setting and meetings with political conservatives.

Such complaints seem to be more common in Facebook and Twitter as well as on Google. But they underline how much these tech giants have taken over our exchanges with our step-wise consent. You are now in the public square.

Howard Kurtz is a Fox News analyst and host of “MediaBuzz” (Sundays 11 p.m.). He is the author of “media madness: Donald Trump, the press, and The war for the truth.” You can follow him at @Howard Kurtz. Click here for more information on Howard Kurtz.

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