Search for Front National because research European payments

Search for Front National because research European payments

Photo: AFP

In the headquarters of the French party National Front (FN) is Monday, were searched.

The news channel Bmftv reported that the researchers prove the search in the case concerning the accusation that the Front is wrongly left to pay for parliamentary staff for members in the European Parliament (EP).

The populist front of Marine Le Pen would be European funding for staff in the EP have asked for and received. That would be the Front to France have sent.

The FN announced that the search warrant probably an effort is the campaign for the presidential elections to damage.

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen, who are against the EU and against immigration, and protectionism are pursuing, there is always better in the polls. The presidential elections are in april and may.

In a published Monday poll she has more respondents behind than in previous surveys for the approaching vote, to 44 percent if they were in a duel would be with the centre-right candidate François Fillon and 42 percent in a duel with the centre-left candidate, Emmanuel Macron. In the poll wins, Le Pen to the presidency, but the number of people that said to vote for her, grows.

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