Search dogs for missing Joey in Turkey may be delayed

Search dogs for missing Joey in Turkey may be delayed

It is still unclear whether the team of the Dutch zoekhondenstichting Signi Monday in the field in Turkey to find where the 21-year-old Joey Hoffmann from Haaksbergen since July 8 is missing.

The Turkish police with a team of specialists Monday to first have a hilly terrain, investigate where never before has the search for the missing Dutchman, so have the Turkish authorities Sunday on the Dutch to let you know.

Signi is indeed welcome to Hoffmann, to come up in the search, but would first like to the Turks their own investigations round in the hills near the city Narlikuyu.

The zoekteam is according to one of the members, Janette Kruit, no problem. “We are in the Netherlands not otherwise used. It is perfectly logical that the police first time, her own quest will finish, where there are already a lot of time and sweat in his sit”, she told Sunday, after the arrival of the three zoekhonden and the first explorations in the area.

‘In the neighbourhood’

In the talks with the Turkish police about the missing Hoffmann is the zoekhondenteam of Signi one scenario as plausible outlined: “Joey should be here, actually somewhere in the area”,’ says team leader, Esther van Neerbos.

With the local authorities and with a Dutch liaison officer from the police Sunday in the Turkish resort town of Silifke discussions about a plan of approach. It is possible that the zoekhondenteam Monday already deployed, but it certainly is not. The governor of the territory has in this respect the last word.

Signi decided last week, on its own initiative to search around the place where the Haaksbergense three camped. That action is done with the consent of the family, that personal belongings of Hoffmann has passed that the dogs Paddle and Power (two Malinois and labrador Salto can search for traces of his body odor. Also for the Turkish authorities is the advent of Signi no problem.

Harder than I thought

The search will be more difficult of in advance thought, think Of Neerbos: “at First I thought we were in a radius of 300 to 500 metres from their campsite good chance would have to be Joey. Now that I have the terrain I have seen, I think it will be more difficult.”

It is a strongly hilly and overgrown area with lots of stones and doornenstruiken. On a path down towards the sea, are the couple from Haaksbergen and Hoffmann here on July 8 from each other gone. “If you have a hour the other side dissapears, then you’ve already lost”, says Van Neerbos.

8 July

Joey Hoffmann has been over a month without a trace. He was last seen in the company of a couple, also from Haaksbergen. He would help them build a house in Narlikuyu. After they on 8 July went, is nothing more of him heard.

The dogs of Signi in, among others, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Philippines, Haiti, United States, Pakistan, Turkey and Morocco deployed. In addition, they are also active in the Netherlands, for example, losses on and around the water. The kennel of Signi has, since 2004, exactly 412 missing persons traced.

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