Search and rescue warns of muien in the sea

Search and rescue warns of muien in the sea

Dozens of swimmers last week, the problems come when they are in the sea swimming. A large number of them were by the current of a mui pulled away and could not or hard in their own strength reach the beach.

Ten times there was talk of a life-threatening situation. Therefore, alerts the search and rescue this week, even more for the dangers of a mui.

A mui is a trench that is perpendicular to the beach and water with a lot of power into the sea flows. If mui is to be swept away if the flow is less powerful, angled away from swimming and with a bow back to the beach.

“Many bathers do not know what mui is and panic if they are against the current, try to swim”, says Elske Hoving of the rescue team.


For the next few days is nice weather predicted. The Brigade advises bathers and water sports enthusiasts well on the strandborden at the beach stand to look and pay attention to the flags. A red flag should not swim and the orange windsock, you may not be with an air mattress or rubber boat to the sea.

Although the number of zwemgerelateerde drownings for years, is stable, with approximately eight per year, see the Brigade, however, that visitors are less aware of hazards and the meaning of such flags.

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