Scores Adidas a hip hattrick with EQT relaunch?

Nike may be the brand that most of the sneakers over the counter let go, Adidas is undeniably hip. Models as UltraBoost, Stan Smith, Yeezy and NMD dominated the youth culture and the German brand is now put in on the relaunch of the EQT in a new neon jacket. Our prediction? Today is red, tomorrow probably.

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In 2015, the world was (and SneakerCon) in the wake of the Yeezy’s, 2016 was highlighted by the NMD, and so it is, according to Adidas, for not more than logical that in 2017 the EQT three in a row will make for the brand. The German sportswear label is possible not to become over confident in this prediction, although the reason for that maybe not with the shoe itself, but largely on the underlying philosophy of it.

The Adidas Equipmentlijn is laden with historical context and cultural significance. In the aftershock of the fall of the Berlin Wall, decided the brand to all the conventions, trends and market surveys to flout – which did them more harm than good is done: in the late eighties, the company was almost bankrupt. They get Peter Moore on board, the Godfather of Nike’s Air Jordan One, which then set the tone for the Adidas Equipment line: no-nonsense sneakers that only existed in order to enhance athletic performance. Equipment was, according to Moore, the perfect name. It was a “no bullshit” word that only the essence includes – what you need, not the tierlantijntjes.

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It was that philosophy that is translated in the slogan “everything that is essential, and nothing that is not” that the by performance driven sneaker was launched in 1991. Adidas marched this seamlessly to the rhythm of the beating heart of the society, in a Berlin where the wall just fell, where different cultures met each other and a new world seemed to be outlined to be. The somewhat poorer East-Berlin was confronted with the Westerners and name brand clothing was a means of communication, and compensation. Since EQT at that time one of the most expensive sneakers was formed the shoe a major currency in the German street culture. For a lot of sneakerheads will be the EQT associated with change, progress and hope, a cultural symbol in a turbulent time.

Marking a new chapter in the Equipment series, the #EQT Support 93/17. ? by Juergen Teller.

A photo posted by adidas Originals (@adidasoriginals) on Jan 26, 2017 at 1:12am PST

It is, therefore, no coincidence that Adidas the sneaker anno 2017 new life into, a different shoe more off of the original design than the other models within the Adidas Originals line. So was the striking green of the time replaced by the opposite neonrood. “But,” says VP of Global Design Nic Galway during the launch at Art Basel: “we have been focused on why the shoe was created, not on how he looked.”

Although each sneakerdesigner will tell you that the design is key and with Adidas also undoubtedly the case is, it is not in the least stupid to the shoe in the market to convert as a sneaker with meaning and a mug instead of a sneaker that just cool looks. In a world that is colored by the action and reaction of young people were engaged and geopinieerd and choose, consequently, they are also brands that have impact, that have a voice and who dare to use. Was there ever a better time to be an unofficial slogan as “bullshit-free” to herlanceren? By “the sneakers line of change, hope and progress” again on the market has Adidas already a large socket for the competition.

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