Score with whisky in the cocktail glass.

Of course, also delicious straight or with ice, but blended whiskeys score especially in cocktail style. Three examples.

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Soon we will start the festivities los. That happens traditionally with a lot of bubbles in the house, on the street, or on the dance floor. Also cocktails are this time of the year and mass consumed. We went in step with Johnny Walker.

Since a few years, picks up the Scottish whiskymerk out with variations on classics from the range. Specially for the holidays was the Red Rye Whisky launched. It is also the first roll in the so-called Johnnie Walker Blender’s Batch with which the brand with the wandering dandy high tops want to shave.

The newcomer contains different malt and graanwhisky’s first traditional bourbonvaten have matured and then finally were allowed to ripen in a barrel roggewhisky. “A process that is preceded by dozens of experiments with more than two hundred different malt and graanwhisky’s’, thinks global ambassador Tom Jones.

The Red Rye Whisky is a blend of only four whiskies, including Cardhu single malt and the whisky of the distillery, Port Dundas that now the doors have closed. With its sweet and spicy touch, he is nice and accessible, but it is especially in the cocktail that he scores. With a spicy ginger ale and lots of ice, for example.

‘It’s been discontinued’. Four years ago Johnny Walker the eyebrows frown by its Green Label of the regular market. That had partly to do with the new wind at that time by the range the wind was blowing, with the advent of the Gold Label and Platinum label which, when plenty of the attention enjoyed. Only in Asia could you have a bottle of Green Label -although to a very limited extent – on the nab.

But due to the increasing demand, especially in Europe, the whiskymerk still tack and made it in the spring, it is a remarkable u-turn. There was in the second half of 2016 a lot of bottles with the green label is produced and in the whiskyrekken dropped.

Green Label is made by the blending of four single malt whiskies from traditional distilleries in Scotland that are at least 15 years have matured. Pure you can taste the soft maltiness. Mixed in the cocktail glass you can guests treat themselves to – for example – this Blood and Sand, prepared with equal parts of cherry, orange and vermouth. A whopper of a drink.

Who for new year’s eve or new year’s day, a range of higher wants, chess can, as always, doing magic with the Blue Label. The luxurious blended whisky of the house this year with a limited winter packing for the day. What is in the bottle is selected with the greatest care. Only one in ten thousand vessels from all corners of Scotland, is suitable for use in this blend, the opinion of the master distiller.

A Ginger Johnnie prepared with 50 ml Blue Label, 15 ml gemberlikeur, 25 lime juice and 5 ml of maple syrup. Cheers.

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