Scientists make artificial intelligence to ‘smell”

Scientists make artificial intelligence to ‘smell”

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Different groups of scientists have developed smart algorithms developed that would make it possible to smell certain molecules to predict.

Normally it is for computers is very difficult for odors to determine. By human measurements, to combine with self-learning software, is a step ahead, write the American scientists Monday in the scientific journal Science.

At the Rockefeller university in New York had 49 volunteers the smell of 476 fragrance review. In addition, the participants could nineteen, the keywords to use.

With the database reviews that it was developed in 22 teams of scientists, software to the smell of other molecules to predict. A team of Arizona State University scored the best in predicting human ratings.


According to Pablo Meyer, lead author of the research, the software may be used by companies that have perfumes or fragrances. They would thus be able to discover which molecules can be used to make certain scents to generate.

Avery Gilbert, a biological psychologist at the company, Synesthetics, reacts to the news site of Science today. According to him, the nineteen used keywords still too limited to be very useful. It is, according to him, unclear as to how well computers would score if more descriptions were available.

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