Scientists have figured out why there are black squirrels in the US

It is a member of the gray squirrel species has a black coat. (Credit: Shutterstock)

Whatever the case, she said, the black coat continues to be a rare thing for the animals can be found in North America, which is a rate of less than 1 per cent in the two species. But for now, it is to be noted, in a statement, it’s made its way into the Uk, probably because of the black squirrels are from the US, who had escaped from a private zoo in the united kingdom

Biologists from the United Kingdom, believe that they have decoded the mystery of the grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) running around in the United States of america, and a black coat.

The bits of the genetic code, that is, to ensure that the grey squirrel species are black, and they were there to see it, it is a gene, or a variant of a particular gene, known as MC1R∆24. But that’s all it is doesn’t seem to come out of the grey squirrel. Instead, they went to see the grey squirrel MC1R∆24 allele is identical” with the MC1R∆24 allele was found in a different species of fox squirrels (Sciurus niger) is one of the two mutations, which can result in up to a large, usually reddish fox squirrels are black. In a paper to be published July 11 in the journal BMC Evolutionary Biology, the researchers showed that the color-changing one is likely to occur in the fox squirrel, and then turned to see the grey squirrels by a cross.

In order to ensure that the conclusion reached by the investigators of all the three possible ways for the gene variant in either species. [The 12 Biggest ‘Little’ Mysteries of the Autumn Consultation.]

“First of all, the gene may have originated in the common ancestor of the two species, and have been maintained by balancing selection,” they wrote.

In other words, because of the black colour, it has a number of benefits to the animals can be found, or help to stay warm in the winter, for example), it is possible that the gene is old, and still continue to hang on, as the two species diverged.

However, she has written more than a thousand years of development, the group of alleles (called the haplotype) is that this is a “black coat” gene is a variant, it would most likely have stopped the same in the two species, and if that is the case.

“In the second place, the change may have arisen independently in the two species, however, this is unlikely to occur if the haplotypes are the same,” they wrote. “Therefore, the most likely explanation for this is that the MC1R∆24 allele has arisen in one species, and then be introgressed with the other species as well.” [Why Are The Squirrels Chasing Each Other?]

They concluded that the gene is likely to have started in the fox-squirrel, and then turned to see the grey squirrel, because it is more similar to the other genes, which are commonly used in the fox-squirrel, but she added that she could not rule out the possibility that the theory is that it all started at the gray squirrels moved in the opposite direction.

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Originally published on Live Science.

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