Scientists develop mobile phone battery

Scientists develop mobile phone battery

Photo: Mark Stone / University of Washington

Researchers from the university of Washington have a mobile phone that can make calls without the battery.

The device draws its power from radio signals and light. That only produces a few microwatt, but on a more economical way to make phone calls is sufficient.

The radio signals where the device current from it, were coming from a base station up to ten meters away. As well as a small solar panel the size of a grain of rice was used, could the base station at a distance of about fifteen meters.

Normally it takes a lot of energy to analog audio signals to convert into a digital signal, which is then sent via a mobile network. To save energy, use the energy-saving phone to another process, in which the vibrations that the microphone picks up analog radio signal to be forwarded to the base station.


Acculoos mobile phone can make calls via Skype


That means that the economical phone can not connect with existing mobile networks. But according to the American scientists, it is conceivable that in the future support for their technology would be added to the networks of providers or routers that consumers in the home.

The minitelefoontje can not simultaneously transmit and receive. With a button requires the use to switch from one mode to the other. The scientists made a link with Skype to existing telephone numbers to call.

Because use is made of analog signals, the interviews with the experimental phone is not protected. The scientists say that they further want to investigate how encryption can be applied, and how the device further away from a base station can work. They are also working on the integration of an energy-efficient e-ink screen.

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