Scientists create software that faces of lemurs recognize

Scientists create software that faces of lemurs recognize

Photo: AFP

Scientists from the American Michigan State University have created software that the faces of lemurs, also known as lemurs called, can recognize.

They have their research published in the public scientific journal BMC Zoology. The designed software is called LemurFaceID and was able to with a shows that confidence is 98.7% hundred different lemurs to identify.

The scientists have the software supplied with 462 photos of roodbuikmaki’s and 190 images of other types of lemurs. They hope the software is better and less intrusive way to have found to the makipopulatie in the holes.

Previously, the lemurs followed and held on the basis of external features such as body size and injuries or scars, but are subject to change and can make it difficult to see the animals a long time to follow. According to the scientists, however, it is important to take them long periods to keep an eye on. This is in order to get a better understanding of the birth and death rates and, ultimately, the growth or shrinkage of the population.

The face recognition software could also be used to lemurs illegally are caught and in captivity to identify. In addition, expect the scientists that LemurFaceID also for other species is suitable, such as bears, red panda’s, raccoons and sloths.

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