Scientists create camera that the human body can look

Scientists create camera that the human body can look

Photo: 123RF

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Heriot-Watt University have developed a camera by the human body can look. The device was designed to help doctors keep track of endoscopes during internal investigations.

That, reports the BBC. Up to now, had doctors use, for example, röntgenscans to monitor the progress of the medical instruments through the body to follow.

The camera can be light in the body to detect, for example, the glowing tip of an endoscope. From first tests, it turns out that the camera by 20 centimeters of tissue around can look. The camera is capable of individual particles of light to detect. This is necessary because the light from an endoscope scattered hits as the by the body goes.

The unit can also measure how long the light it takes for the body to move. On this basis, the camera can calculate where the endoscope is.

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