Scientists create back-up of climate data that Trump offline wants

Scientists create back-up of climate data that Trump offline wants

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Scientists running overtime to make back-ups of years to American climate studies, now the new government of the united states research offline wants to have

The American president, Trump gave environment agency EPA Wednesday the order to websites about climate change offline. Shortly after the swearing in of Trump gone pages about that topic, all of the site of the White House. Now, permission is needed for publication.

Trump denied during his presidential campaign several times already, the warming of the earth and the fact that greenhouse gases are responsible for this. He called climate change a ‘hoax’ by the Chinese has been devised.

Under president Obama, U.s. government branches just done a lot of research to climate change, and was that information made public. To ensure that the research is not lost, work scientists hard back-ups of the sites, reports RTL Z.


This is software of the Canadian company, PageFreezer, specializes in the archiving of websites. The company’s CEO is Dutchman Michael Riedijk, and PageFreezer offers its services free of charge.

“This movement started in the USA and Canada out of fear that important climate data would need to spend to hit. And that happens at this time, really,” said Riedijk. He helps scientists from the University of California, the climate research to save.

Although klimaatpagina of EPA on Thursday afternoon still online stood, it would research possible later in the day all be removed. “We have now the 150 most important websites are archived and continue to do that to soon the differences tracking. The backups now run on our servers.”

Those servers are in the Netherlands, allowing the U.s. government-not just in may. After the hundreds of thousands of pages of U.s. government are filed, they will be publicly searchable.

More initiatives

Also, the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative makes back-ups of research that is possible will be deleted. The initiative was after the U.s. elections, was founded out of fear for what Trump with research carried out would do.

The initiative works in cooperation with the University of Toronto and DataRefuge, reports Quartz. DataRefuge want to research data wider, preserve, and make available only through government sites.

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