Scientists capture mysterious ‘ghost particle’ in a giant ice cube in ‘triumph’ that is changing the way we see the universe

Artist’s impression of the active galactic nucleus shows the supermassive black hole at the center of the accretion disk and the sending of a narrow high-energy jet of matter in space, perpendicular to the disk in this image by the Science Communication Lab in Kiel, Germany, released on July 12, 2018. In a study published In the journal Science, researchers have found that a supermassive black hole such as this is the source of the high-energy neutrinos detected on Earth. Thanks DESY, Science, Communication Lab/handout via REUTERS

Scientists have caught a ghost-like subatomic particle on Earth, to help solve a mystery baffling scientists for 100 years.

The so-called “ghost particle” was caught by investigators in a giant ice cube at the south pole.

It is actually a high-energy neutrino, and is the first of its kind ever discovered by scientists.

More importantly, the researchers believe that they have followed, are likely source: a supermassive black hole that emits light, and cosmic rays.

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