Science can be modern tomatoes their taste back

Tomato growers were selected in the last time mainly on size, shelf life and firmness, but lost the taste out of the eye, causing tomatoes now often watery copies of what they were in the past. Scientists are now saying that the taste of yesteryear can come back.

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You know it might be: how carefully you tomatoes also select in the store, once at home it appears that there is often not much taste in it, not even in the season. That is a result of the growing characteristics such as color and size. Fortunately, some scientists are now in Science that the lost taste can come back, by selecting on the ‘old’ genes. That’s what they said after nearly 400 varieties to investigate.

By taste tests, found the team of chemical compounds that a nice tomatensmaak produce and occur more often in the old varieties than in the modern. On the basis of which they could the genes in view that ensure taste. With that knowledge, farmers can now grow tasty varieties, without the size, colour, or shelf life to lose.

Watery tomatoes are coming soon so maybe in the past, all you can today already what to do to assure yourself of a delicious sweet copy. Choose, for example, for older varieties (that you can find, for example, at farmers markets and in health food shops) and store tomatoes and certainly not in the refrigerator.Some salt and balsamic vinegar to make a watery raw tomato which taste better, just as roasting. (EK)

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