Schumer is faking to filibuster?


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On the roster: Is Schumer faking to filibuster? – Trump is trying to save, stranding health to begin with bill Perez, Ellison autopsy tour – I’ll Tell you What: Sunkist-and health care – to Die for the victory

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says he is ready to rumble on the nomination of judge Neil from gorsuch to the Supreme court.

What we don’t know yet is whether this is savvy stuff, or a desperate act of insecurity. Schumer is the announcement today that he would vote against allowing a final vote on from gorsuch’s nomination accelerates an already dangerous game of chicken for the Senate Democrats. If you want to prevent that a candidate is respected as far as from gorsuch, it makes it expand just to easy for the Republicans, the so-called nuclear option in the Senate rules.

A word here about otherwise unimportant Senate procedure.

Frustrated Democrats in the year 2013 lowered the threshold for ending debate on presidential appointments, as the Supreme court to a simple majority, but left the high court, because the objections, the change some in your party who have not voted otherwise for the.

The Republicans have clearly extend beyond their exposure to, the appointment of judges, but many in Washington assumed that it was not necessary, because from gorsuch had such rave reviews and the support of both parties.

The last candidate before a filibuster was Samuel Alito eleven years ago, but it was a symbolic matter. Only 25 senators, including Schumer, but also Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Yes, Barack Obama voted against the move to the final vote, the Alito simply deleted.

Wonder if anyone has thought in 2008…

The considerations for the Democrats this time, similar to that of their party base, with an absolute opposition to the sitting Republican President, regardless of the question.

For the senators, and the President to consider running in the year 2020, as well as for those from States in which the primary challenges from the left are real considerations, “no.” And the hatred for Donald Trump on the Alito era venom is directed against alleged war criminal George W. Bush.

We now come to learn a little more about Schumer in his new role as his party is the strongest character.

Is to say, the cagey New York, he again votes to block final passage, a mirror image of the new, hard-to-left stitch for the pragmatic Schumer, or is it a Trick?

That depends on whether or not Schumer means for the filibuster, in order to be successful.

Senate leaders sometimes choose to participate in the vote to fail causes for the sake of appeasing condemned the hardliners and the preservation of future options. Imagine if Schumer knew that at least eight Democrats wanted to allow, from gorsuch to go to a final vote, and decided that he would take a hardline stance on the bill.

Certainly, Schumer knows that a successful filibuster would make it only too easy for his Republican counterpart Mitch McConnellto go nuclear energy. From gorsuch is so free from controversy that he makes Chief Justice John Roberts , looking like a roadie for motley Crue.

Yes, the Democrats can take advantage of the reduced standards for confirmation the next time they hold the White house, but given the fact that trump might have to make two or more appointments during his term of office, the hope of future profits would be slim consolation.

If the Schumer is really trying to provoke the filibuster fight, right now, that means he is in an extraordinarily weak position within his party. Victims the chance to block future Trump not nominated less tasty than from gorsuch for a symbolic battle today, the act of the Executive in the control of his conference.

But if Schumer offers some belly scratches for upset the liberals, by voting for what he knows that you are a hell of a filibuster, he may, up to the moment, and the faces of him and his party in the era of trump.

“Not well-informed, and it is believed that the Affairs of such a Confederacy can be properly regulated by a government less comprehensive, organs or institutions than what is proposed by the Convention.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 13

New York: “In 1858, Walt Whitman, at the age of thirty-nine, was, earns his living as a journalist for the Brooklyn Daily Times, generate thousands of words a week at a steady pace…[C]ritics had variously shrugged and gawped in the first edition of his ‘Leaves of Grass’ published three years before… Whitman cultivated a Bohemian image, and dreamed again and again to re-invent himself as a traveling speaker. Instead of falling, he put to a more mundane task, such as the author of a number of counselors for the New York Atlas on the topic of men’s health. Given the heading of ‘Manly health and education,” this appeared under the pseudonym of Moses Velsor, one of Whitman’s many aliases—but the pieces, thirteen in all, were never followed Whitman, to Zachary Turpin, a student at the University of Houston, re-discovered on micro-film in the last year. (Turpin also discovered a long-lost-novel ” the life and adventures of Jack Engle.’)”

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To negotiate with USA Today: “house Republicans, changes, Thursday to repeal the legislation and replace Obamacare even as the market leader, have pledged a floor vote on the bill until the end of the day. The conservative house freedom Caucus — led by North Carolina Rep. Mark meadows — Wednesday announced that they had enough “no” votes to kill the bill, because the members felt it does not go far enough in the abolition of the mandates found in the Affordable Care Act… freedom Caucus members were scheduled to meet with the President of Trump at the White house on Thursday and the broader house Republicans delayed their scheduled appointment in the morning. Speaker Of The House Of Representatives Paul Ryan, R-Wis., its scheduled for 11:30 PM press conference postponed until 3:30 p.m.”

Only 17 per cent plan – The hill: “A majority of American voters against the Republicans’ plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare, while only very few of the voters who support them, a new survey finds. A poll released Thursday by Quinnipiac University found that 56 percent of voters reject the GOP health care plan, while only 17 percent support. Even among Republicans, only 41 percent of the American Health Care Act, while 24 percent disagree. And 58 percent of Democratic voters reject the plan.”

And it also looks DOA in the Senate – Politico: “As it is currently constructed, conservative and moderate opposition would tank the bill in the Senate, where the GOP can afford to lose only two votes.”

Cooking network promises to spend millions to fight the new health care bill – AP: “The conservative Koch network is promising to spend millions of dollars to defeat the health-care overhaul backed by President Donald Trump, and top house Republicans. The network of the leading groups, the Americans for prosperity and freedom partners, announced late Wednesday the creation of a special Fund for the support of the members of the house, the vote against the bill.”

[Where house Republicans need to still get the votes to pass their health care law.]

Fox News: “the announcement of The top legislators on Wednesday that the intelligence services are widespread surveillance on the Trump transition team of the refuelling President Trump’s push to root, the ones that, allegedly, the dissemination of classified information within the government and news organizations. House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., a source in the intelligence said on Wednesday the community had shown him that ‘dozens’ of reports that have been produced, collected from ‘by the way, as a” communication between members of the Trump transition team and foreign destinations. Several persons exposed to the trump team were eventually ‘had their identities “widely used,” in spite of the information of limited intelligence value, Nunes said. The bomb press conference appeared in part to trump the claim earlier this month that the former President, Barack had Obama ‘heard’ him. “Wow … so that means that I’m right,’ Trump told time magazine, while you outlet reading another article about the Nunes press conference.”

Buuuuttt…the facts remain unclear – the Atlantic: “Moreover, the Nunes repeatedly said he did not have all the information he needed, which begs the question, why does he think that it is worth to the public to go immediately. As a Republican, including Nunes complain about unauthorized leaks of classified to publish things to the press that he come forward, anonymously received-intelligence-community-materials.”

Pineapple Sunkist? Chris Stirewalt says maybe while Dana Perino , says no way. You are your favorite duo, the debate over the best diet sodas, and continues to be a debate – the polls! Plus, to cook the health care bill fight on Capitol Hill, and President of the Trump is pushing the GOP to support members, but should he? Stirewalt and Perino explain. LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE HERE.

The hill: “Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez and Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison will be on the road on Friday to kick off the reeling party” democratic turn of the tour.’ The freshly baked party Chairman, and the Minnesota Congresswoman, first, the head of the Michigan state Democrats, 2016 presidential race for the first time lost in the year in almost 30 years, before stopping in New Jersey, Texas and Virginia over the next two weeks. Embarking on the journey together so much about the expansion of the party, the calling in of the trump era, the rebuilding of party infrastructure and mending intra-party wounds after the two men race to a controversial presidency.”

Pelosi whiffs when asked about party leadership, – The Federalist: “Anderson Cooper asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who is the leader of the Democratic party. Despite the fact that it is a market leader in their title, and the party just elected a new democratic National Committee Chairman in Tom Perez, Pelosi dug deeper into the past. You took two people who are retired from politics. Cooper: “Who is the leader of the Democratic party right now?’ Pelosi:” President Obama has been the President of the United States, until only a matter of weeks. I don’t think he can be rejected as the leader of the Democratic party.’ ‘Hillary Clinton does not win the election, but a respected leader.'”

Eliana Johnson
reports that Hill Republicans are dissatisfied with Mattis, the choice of Obama-veterans for contributions to the Pentagon – the Politically

State Dept. to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline – Politico

“Hey, look, I can’t do that, so bad, because I’m the President, and you are not it.” – President – Trump – to-time.

“This may be a dim question but…if Democrats are determined to filibuster the from gorsuch approval, and the Republicans are committed to the deployment of the nuclear option, to the film (granted, two big ‘ifs’), that would not absolve the need for compliance with the limitations of the reconciliation to repeal and replace Obamacare? (And I’d rather not see, how you are deploying forced the nuclear option, if you done not it an in for a penny in for a pound situation?)” – Triche Osborne, Baton Rouge, La.

[Ed. Note: Probably not. What is being discussed, for the from gorsuch’s nomination is an incremental development of the nuclear tactics. Democrats change the rules so that the lower court nominations and other presidential appointments could be extended, with only 51 votes, but with the exception of the Supreme court. The proposal at hand is to bring, and the high court in this category, but not for the new rule to the regular legislation. Certainly, as already mentioned, if a nuclear strike is considered, it will vote the Republicans pushing to go all the way. But I doubt it would be the 51 votes to change the rule so aggressive.]

“I thank you for the clear and concise E-Mail every day (Fox News mid-term report). Out here, on the banks of the Mississippi River in NE Missouri, we appreciate that a ‘climber’ can unravel the political ‘stuff’ in Washington DC, just wondering if you and Dana would tell me wax eloquent on the Grill on a future segment of the “I”? To discuss So much: Memphis style BBQ and Kansas City-style or Texas-style (especially the chest), or North Carolina BBQ? And I would be something interested to know if there think any excellent barbecue Restaurants in Washington DC And I’m curious to know whether Dana would even like BBQ food?” – Roger R. Ricketts, Of Palmyra, Mo.

[Ed. Note: Regardless of what you have seen in “House of Cards” is not Washington’s place on the Grill. There is much that is good to eat in and around the nation’s capital, but the fact that a town once considered to be the Southern a true dessert for the meat-Smoking arts impoverish all of us. There are a few bright spots, but overall, it is heard as bleak as the appropriations Committee. I don’t know what delicious smoked meat fall on Dana’s list of forbidden foods, but I am familiar with their crimes against the chest…]

“Chris, CONFIRMED the FBI’s admission that its investigation began in July 2016, Trump was under observation. What was the FBI? Smoke signals from the Trump Tower?!” – Susan Stasny, San Antonio

[Ed. Note: I do not believe that there is no difference of opinion that Trump was in the campaign under investigation. The FBI Director, said so much, but also, a lot of the reporting had noted that fact. What Washington has to waste spend an extraordinary time, is the proof or disproving Trump’s claim that Obama personally ordered the electronic surveillance of trump. Democrats were in high dudgeon about Trump’s claims and devoted themselves to disproving them, while the Republicans have been able to move mountains to try to add some credibility to the seemingly gratuitous first claim. This is where the facts cease to matter, and the question is whether partisans can convince their core supporters their preferred narrative. So, both sides seem a success to have, but none of it will achieve a meaningful advantage for the Republic.]

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Kansas City star: “Team Puerto Rico had a fun bonding exercise for the World Baseball Classic. The players dyed their hair and/or your hair blonde…But the Associated Press reported that this is an unintended consequence of back home. Puerto Rico, it seems, has color, a lack of blonde hair…The AP wrote that so many Puerto Ricans are dying their hair and facial hair various shades of blonde that the memory can’t keep up with the demand. ‘Since you started to win, that has not stopped,’ Myrna Rios, manager at Sally Beauty Supply store in San Juan, told the Associated Press. “We have the product in most of our branches.’ On social media Team of Puerto Rico has the hashtag TeamRubio (Team blonde).”

“If the fate of the presidency and the fate of the speakership hang to the vote, it is hard to see that in the end, that his own party will disown you.” – Charles Krauthammer on “special report with Bret Baier” talking about the GOP will need to pick up more votes to give her health care bill.

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