Schippers lives after olympic ‘chaosjaar’ without stress to world cup to

Schippers lives after olympic ‘chaosjaar’ without stress to world cup to

Dafne Schippers will feel in the days before the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics, which launches on Friday in London, much better and stronger than last year for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

“I’m very different now than a year ago. When all was busy and everything is new. In retrospect, it is a great chaosjaar been,” says Schippers, who Tuesday in London arrived.

For Rio, where Skippers silver medal in the 200-meter and fifth on the 100 meters, she said that she is physically and mentally fit, but that was not so. “I had so many obligations. Everyone wanted something from me, and I came on in. Therefore, I was never able to completely relax for Rio, while I need it to do.”

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old Skippers who found peace. On the one hand, because in a post-olympic year is less on her face, on the other hand, because they have more no dares to say against sponsor – and mediaverzoeken and her brother Derk Skippers as a manager a lot of controls.

“We’re a tight team, the lines are short with my brother. And that I don’t more yes say is also out of self-protection. I want to fuss no more. This is my career, I want to perform and there should be everything for neighbourhoods.”

Full stadium

The olympic year is, therefore, an important lesson for Boaters. “Sometimes you have to go through to figure out what is good and bad for you. I have well once relaxation is needed, and that I have now.”

“The past few months, I knew even weeks where I am out of the job a blank calendar. Then I was able to focus on work out and also, for example, once some food with a workout partner. Wonderful to have that time for myself.”

Who relaxation and peace make according to Schippers that they now really look forward to the start of the world cup, where they will Saturday in the series of the 100 metres for the first time in action will come. “I’m mentally ready for and go will really enjoy of a full stadium.”

Schippers says that it is also physically feel better, partly because they under her new trainer, the American Rana Reider, more strength training. “My start is improved, for example, because I am stronger. You have the power need to be as hard as possible from the block.”

Fast times

Still ran Skippers so far, not as fast as in previous years and was the competition faster. At the 100 metres she came to 10,95 and on the double sprint distance was 22,10 her fastest time. For comparison: the Jamaican Elaine Thompson ran 10,71 and the American Tori Bowie 21,77.

Schippers says that it is, however, not to worry. She relies on her coach Reider in her training, no room for in between peaks. Everything is focused on the world cup. Furthermore, they have little value to the times that in Jamaica and the United States to be walked.

“I know that Thompson is this year’s hard running, and her personal record is faster. But all those times make me not so much, it has always been so. I’m also not panic if someone I one-on-one always defeat suddenly 10,80 runs. It’s not to that you the best jobs out, and then, under ideal circumstances, a personal best course. No, it comes to the major tournaments such as a world cup. The time does not matter. It’s going to win.”

The series of the 100 metres begin Saturday at 12.45 pm (Dutch time) and Sunday the semi-finals and the final. Later in the week is Skippers the 200 metres, which she’s the defending champion, and the 4×100 meter relay race.

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