Scheidsrechtersbaas Of this: ‘a Clear red-card for mountain house’

Scheidsrechtersbaas, Dick van Egmond, the Dutch fa (KNVB) is not happy with the video and the arbitration for the Club-a-Z (0-3) on Thursday night. The infringement by Steven Berghuis with a red card is punished to be in it.

Briefly, for the rest schoffelde mountain house a-Z-player-How Koopmeiners, with two of the legs to get away from it. “It was a clear red card,” said Van Egmond, Friday-AD.

To dissent from a-Z he rebuked the referee, Jochem Kamphuis of the offence only a yellow card. Videoscheidsrechter, Danny Makkelie, said on Thursday on his Instagram page that he has a preference for red, but it didn’t help that the referee, through yellow, to draw a clear mistake. “On the basis of the raakmoment can I get a yellow card, just to support it.”

Of this had, however, liked to see Kamphuis, corrected by Makkelie. “I don’t think it’s weird that the Kamphuis and the offense is on the field is not well seen, and at this rate will see the referees don’t have a right and are right.”

“Makkelie looking for the shade by their preference to have a red card, but the offense is not strong enough for an operation. There, I think differently about it,” said the scheidsrechtersbaas.

Kamphuis gives a yellow to the mountain house. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“This kind of situation is to be evaluated’

The value should be in accordance with the rules, will only intervene if the referee is on the field there is a clear mistake. If, in the judgment of the referee as such, it will remain that way. Also, if the value of a is preferred to another act.

“It is, in general, it is difficult to decide whether it’s really wrong, it is what a judge does,” says Van Egmond. “The VAR that gets almost all of the obvious bugs out of it, but you will always be an exception, like last night.”

The BOARD hopes to learn from the incident on Thursday evening with mountain house. “All of this kind of situation has to be evaluated, in order to try to identify what are the clear-cut lines of his.”

“More times you’ll keep forever. However, when it is so clearly wrong as in this case, we need to look at how it is likely in the future to be able to prevent it.”

Makkelie is, this coming weekend will be the arbitrator in the home match of the Season against FC Twente. Kamphuis is a Saturday, the VAR at the VVV-Venlo-sc Heerenveen, the netherlands.

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