Scammers send nepmails for ‘donations’ for victims New Zealand

Scammers try to cash to beat off the attacks on two mosques in New Zealand. They send fake e-mails around to people in the trap to lure that money to donate to help the victims.

The New Zealand branch of the bank Westpac sounds the alarm about scammers who are using e-mails to ask money for the victims. They do, mistakenly, as if they were the bank represent, warns Westpac on Facebook.

People respond angrily to the message. “It’s disgusting. This rig is trying to get money out of the pockets in people who are at their most vulnerable,” concludes someone.

The scammers make use of the collective mourning for the massacre, that to dozens of people it has killed.

A lot of people want to use crowdfunding to do something for the victims

A lot of people want to do something to help victims. Through the crowdfundingsites as GiveaLittle and LaunchGood millions of dollars collected.

Also public service CERT NZ says reports to have had about scammers who attempt to misuse the tragedy, for example, by means of phishing. Also circulating in the aftermath of the attack, a video that contains malware. “This malicious file is online shared.”

New Zealand sharpens wapenwetten to

New Zealand government has decided the law in the country immediately to tighten. The details are next week, announced Monday, reports prime minister Jacinda Ardern

“These measures mean that we, within ten days after this horrible terrorist attack is a reformed weapons law announce,” says the premier. “I believe that the law is our society safer.”

In addition, research is done into what the attack before. Ardern wants to know what you had done may be for the shootings to occur.


New Zealand police drive terreurverdachte clamp

Tarrant was the only shooter in the attack

Shortly after, the police commissioner of the city of Christchurch known that the 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant the only shooter. He is indicted for multiple murder.

Or the Australian man was helped with the preparation of the attack, needs to be investigated. New arrests are not excluded.

The man, the lawyer, dismissed that he was assigned to, and will self-defend in the court. Lawyer Richard Peters told news agency AFP that the man no longer wants his services. Peters also said that Tarrant “rational” happened to him.

Australian police carry out searches from

The police carried out Sunday in connection with the attack on two places in Tarrants homeland Australia searches. So wild the police evidence gathering for the case against the extreme right-wing Tarrant.

Tarrant spent the past three years to only 45 days in his homeland. The Israeli authorities were on Monday announced that Tarrant in October 2016, a brief visit to Israel has brought. He had a tourist visa and stayed for nine days.

Previously made to the authorities in Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia and Greece reporting suspected visit by Tarrant. In all of these countries would research be set to his goings. From posts on social media can be formatted to the Australian, Pakistan and North Korea has visited.

The alleged offender lived most recently in Dunedin, about 350 kilometres from Christchurch.


Students Christchurch dance haka’s for the victims of attack

Suspect bought guns online

Tarrant bought between december 2017 and march 2018, with a number of weapons online from a gun shop in Christchurch, says the shop owner at a press conference. The military weapon in the attack was used, is purchased elsewhere.

“I have the police let you know that this man four heavy weapons with ammunition purchased at my shop,” says the owner.

The sale went through all the official channels, according to the owner. “All sell to this person through an online system that through the police. In addition, we saw nothing suspicious. He had a permit.”

Defendant published a manifesto on the internet

The terrorist placed for the shootings a manifesto online, detailing his vision on islam. Also he mentions a number of well-known persons. One of them is Donald Trump. The American president is, according to Tarrant, “a symbol of the renewed white identity, and our common goal”.

Trump left after the massacre to know you to empathize with the victims, but came a few days later, under fire because of statements made by critics as a strong anti-islamic were interpreted.

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