‘Scale for pain says not enough about pain, which the patient really feels’

‘Scale for pain says not enough about pain, which the patient really feels’

Patients are on the first aid are often asked to on a scale of one to ten how bad the pain is that they feel, but really accurate, this is not.

The numerical scale for pain, mostly on the first aid stations used to be, missing some important aspects of pain. That enable Swedish scientists in a new study.

The scale says nothing about the type of pain. Also, it is not clear what the impact is of the change of the body position on the pain. Moreover, many patients cannot imagine how the extremes on the pijnschaal feel, say the researchers.

The scientists spoke with patients at the emergency room in a Swedish hospital. icipants were asked to give the perceived pain rating on a visual scale and a numerical scale. On the visual scale had patients the it’s indicate on a horizontal line of ten centimeters. On the numeric scale, they had to get their pain a number between zero and ten.


After told some patients that the scales not enough said about the actual pain that they felt. Especially a pain that varies or pain that always comes up and goes away, is this the case. Others suggested that the pain is more inschaalden because they were afraid that their complaints might otherwise not taken seriously.

“It is perhaps better to painkillers to prescribe at the request of the patient that a doctor takes this decision on the basis of the scale”, concludes one of the researchers.

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