SBS goes to Frank and the Place with the Palace for next to nothing

Frank Jones and Roger Smith decided to have SBS is to leave the station plans to continue with their program of center for next to nothing. A spokesperson for SBS, it confirms to News that she does not plan to quit the format.

There is a need to search for two new presenters for the show. Johnson and Smith were the four seasons of the program in which they are the homes of the less fortunate across the united states make-over, with mostly stuff from thrift stores. The two have been known to the general public due to their participation in the show, even extremely rich, so Poor.

Johnson and Smith were on Thursday announced a contract for a three-year agreement with RTL. They are going to make up for RTL 4 and RTL 5, and Video. Jones and Smith, who are married, say so in a comment that the availability of the RTL in a time of peace” came by. “It is great to have RTL-to us this is an extra challenge.”

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