Savior? Desperate Dems turn to hear Müller to stumble

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Liberal analyst Cathy Areu and lawyer Alex Swoyer discuss Mueller hearing on Capitol Hill.

Former Special Counsel Robert Müller is a mythical profile built over a period of two years from Trump critics of the hope of his investigation and, later, his testimony would pave the way for the President the removal from office took a hit on Wednesday as a veteran lawman saw, stumbling over questions, and sometimes unclear about the content of his own report.

Now, some of President Trump’s biggest critics your anger does not turn against the legend himself, panning, his performance on this high-stakes forum, even if Müller has made it clear he wanted to testify in the first place.


“Much as I hate to say it, this morning, in the hearing of a disaster,” Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe was tweeted, in reference to Miller’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. Tribe is an outspoken critic of Trump, which often calls for his impeachment and indictment. He noticed Müller is not the made-for-TV-moment, the Democrats could rally behind their efforts to a case, the President.

“Far from the breath of life in its devastating report, the tired Robert Mueller the life out of him sucked.”

Left documentary maker Michael Moore even had to deliver even harsher words about Miller, and all the “experts and moderated and lame Dems” who thought he was going to.

Democrats have to make themselves Müller, some statements were clearly harmful to the President, including the refutation of Trump’s claim that he was exempt from the investigation. But Müller was largely around treated the renewal of the soil already in the report. And his critical comments were undermined by his stumble in the face of the Republican question, and the confusion over important details. Several recognized on the left side willingly, this was not the home run you hoped for.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin scored it as a victory for President Trump.

“Look who is winning now, it certainly seems like Donald Trump’s the winner between the two of them,” Toobin said on Wednesday.

NBC, Chuck Todd notes that while the Miller act, some of the substance, the benefit of Democrats to deliver “on the optic, that was a disaster.”

Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, introduced just a week earlier, a resolution to accuse Trump, recognized that, although Müller “met my expectations”, others like to be disappointed.

“Some people were with the hope of a triggering moment. A ” wow ” moment. It is not going to happen,” said Green. Green tweeted on Thursday morning that this was because of the report and the trump-discussed measures already “ad nauseam.”

David Axelrod, former senior adviser to President Obama, was far more critical than at the close of the morning hearing drew.

“This is very, very painful,” said Axelrod

Trump’s legal team responded to the statement with the observation that this is the end of the discussion.

To understand “the American people that this issue is over. You also understand that the case is closed,” attorney Jay Sekulow said in a statement.


Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani called the statement “disastrous.” He said that with Miller’s testimony out of the way, it is time to “go” to other questions, the origin of the investigation and how it was carried out. Republicans grilled Mueller about the details of what led to the probe, but the former special counsel refused to answer, citing the ongoing investigation of the matter.

The justice Department inspector General, the FBI is investigating the use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to conduct surveillance of the former trump campaign consultant Carter page. A report is expected to be released this summer. Attorney General Bill Barr also has Connecticut US attorney John Durham, is investigating the origins of the investigation.

Fox News’ John Roberts and Ellison Barber contributed to this report.

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