Save money on groceries, here’s how to do that

To cut down on grocery shopping is convenient for everyone, regardless of income, and a budget. Two experts give their bespaartips.

An English family with children as it gives a monthly average of 500 euros worth of groceries, a couple with no children is about 400 euro, and a single person is around 200 euros, are examined, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). However, there are some people who are monthly hundreds or thousands of more issue.

Sin is Chris Lamboo. “A lot of people will be able to save money on groceries. People who have been on the ones to watch, maybe just a couple of tens, but for families who can’t look at it, it goes for hundreds of dollars a month,” she says of the experience. Lamboo was writing about saving money for her work. On the website she shares on an almost daily basis with articles about the cutting back and paying off the mortgage.

Cutting back is not a must-have, can find Lamboo. “However, you are irritated, you may have been part of your rooms, and you do not have the money for a new one. That is the money you have. The only other things that matter, such as grocery shopping. If you are going to save money, you can get it after a while, however, the room to grow.”

Know how much you spent on groceries

Cutting will begin in accordance with Lamboo, first of all, the calculation of what the monthly payments will lose messages. “This can lead to a lot of banks is very simple, with a variety of applications. At least if you’re taken,” she said. “Otherwise, you can fire it with your hand, or on the basis of the stored coupons from it.”

The next step is to determine a realistic budget. “Take a look at what you will a minimum of need to pay. It is not realistic to cut corners does not make any sense,” says Gabriëlla Bettonville, the Dutch National Institute for family finance information. “On a tight budget, if you throw quickly, the towel in the ring.”

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So, try to follow the tricks of the supermarkets and food manufacturers

On the website of the Dutch, it is used to calculate how much you and your family need at least the following will have on the monthly grocery shopping, and Personal budget advice and you can see how much money you spend on it in comparison with others.

Know what you are going to buy it

“A lot of people think that they are cheap, do the shopping by going to a cheap supermarket. However, if you have your trolley full of rolls, you’re still a lot of money,” says Lamboo. The difference between the supermarkets appears to not be large, provided that the cheaper in-house brands to buy.

In advance, think about what you are going to eat it, and buy it to find both Lamboo and if Bettonville is the most important thing. Lamboo, a family, and likes creating a weekly schedule. “So you never buy too much of it, and you can also cook it with the special offers. When I first started cutting, I used the zelfscanner, so I can see what all it cost, and when cash is not caught for a few years.”


So tempted to supermarkets you have to buy more

It is also important to know yourself well. “If you know you will be tempted to make more purchases, then you as little as possible, go to the grocery store,” says Lamboo. “Well, do the grocery shopping for the week all at once, or you can order online. In short, the need to find a way that works for you.”

However, it is even Lamboo ever been there, and give them to a meal, order online. “I just need to make sure of a couple of pizzas in the freezer, in the event of an emergency. And I have a shopping list made up with 25 recipes that everyone in the house of lust. If I don’t really know what I need to cook it, then I can just get to the top of the list.”

Don’t be tempted to impulse purchases

Bettonville has, in addition to the well-known tip is to not go shopping when you are hungry, you have a number of useful tips:

  • Know what you have and what you need, in other words, make a to-do list (and keep it).
  • Go on your own shopping. The less you distracted, the less you have to buy.
  • Take a basket and not a cart, the cart is faster (and heavy).
  • Compare and contrast the price per pound, which is the information you’ll find in the ticket on the shelf.
  • Go for the own brands, mostly in the lower shelf), which is about 25 percent cheaper than name brands. According to the Consumers ‘ association are the house brand of the ALDI and the Lidl store, on average is 34 per cent cheaper.
  • Let you in the supermarket and not be tempted to impulse purchases, and you will feel especially guilty if you don’t have the sausage, purchase you free, you shall taste it.
  • Food being thrown away is a waste, please refer to the Smart cooking app is from the Nutrition centre (voedingscentrum).

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