‘Saudi Arabia will see a time of the execution of the protesting teen

Saudi Arabia seems to be to dispense with the execution of the Murtaja Queriris. The teen was about five years ago, when he was thirteen-years-old, was arrested because he taught the law said. He was about to be put to death.

However, the Saudi arabian government, it is yet to be seen, to report the resources to the Reuters news agency. The boy would be over the next three years, in 2022, in a release.

Qureiris in september of 2014, was arrested and is since then trapped. Amnesty International has called on Saudi Arabia at the beginning of June for the death penalty to be seen. According to the human rights organization is the boy years and years in solitary confinement and systematically tortured.

Qureiris, was prosecuted for participating in protests in 2011, in the province of Ash-Sharqiyyah, and the throwing of molotov cocktails at a police station, and membership of a “terrorist organisation”.

Saudi Arabia has come under heavy fire by the case of Khashoggi

According to Amnesty international, it would not be the first time that someone in Saudi Arabia has sentenced to death will be sentenced for the crimes of his youth. Earlier this year, because of the ‘atrocities’ of 37 men were executed, including Abdulkareem Al Hawaj, who at sixteen was arrested.

According to the United Nations, and Amnesty International, there was no evidence to sustain the charges, and the men were only executed because they are of the shi’a minority in spain. Also, the now-eighteen-year-old Qureiris belonging to such a minority.

Saudi Arabia has had for the past six years, a lot of international criticism for the disappearance of a critical journalist Jamal Khashoggi. It was killed at the Saudi arabian embassy or consulate in Istanbul. From all of the evidence shows that it is a deliberate plan by Riyaad in order for the journalist to be dead and in pieces, cut down.


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