Saudi Arabia denies any involvement in the rocket attack on an Iranian oil tanker

Saudi Arabia says it is not behind the missile attack on an Iranian oil tanker on Friday to sit down. The attack caused a huge fire on the ship in a port, near the Saudi arabian city of Jeddah was.

The Saudi arabian minister of Foreign Affairs, Adel al-Jubeir, said in a statement that the attack did not fit with the way in which the country operates. “This isn’t how we work and how we have done in the past,” said al-Jubeir. The attack is as yet no one has claimed it.

Iran’s state television reported earlier this week that two of the tanks of the vessel have been damaged in the missile strike, and called it a “terrorist attack”.

The relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia, are under pressure because of an attack on two of the Saudi arabian oil fields, on the 14th of september. Due to the fire, which when it came, it came with the oil production temporarily shuts down.

The Saudi authorities are pointing to Iran as the party responsible for the attack on the oilfields, but the country denies any involvement. The Houthi rebels in Yemen, who was with the civil war raging in their home country to be supported by Iran, and the attack is made.


Why do Iran and Saudi Arabia will always fight.

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