Saskia Noort makes theme new novel known

Saskia Noort makes theme new novel known

Saskia Noort is currently working on a novel “about a woman who has her fixed values lose by its own choice, and greatly punished because she was her own path to choose”. That revealed the writer Friday, in the latest installment of Linda’s zomerweek.

Noort calls it a coming off age book. “The woman does something that a lot of women of our age do in that phase: they go in retreat. But it is not spiritual insights-novel”, says Noort Linda de Mol. “It starts with a very nasty separation. There are also children involved.”

The writer chooses for the first time for a novel, because the hair is more “freedom in the writing process”, as thrillers more of a format to follow. Still, Saskia difficult to keep. She often thinks how they scenes more exciting. “That comes automatically.”


As is well known, Noort also by a difficult divorce gone. She has now been single for a while and dating. “I am now in that phase where I go for opensta,” laughs the writer. Also she says: “I’m a nicer person when I have no relationship. Then I feel freer and then I spend all that love and attention to myself.”

She falls in her own words-always on the wrong men. This is what changes them. “I go a little slide and adjust to that role. And while I am not full. That put me forward.” Eventually hopes Noort yet again to find love. “The best part is when you live your life and share it with someone you love.”

Everything is allowed

Because the writer is not a partner, it is also extra quiet in the house because her children no longer live at home. Something they are ‘horrible’.

“Twenty years of your life have you been busy with this very much in love you and guide you and in one time, your house is empty. Your whole structure thunders rolled into one. I think that’s pretty intense. I lok they always go home with everything they formerly could not. Everything is allowed to me”, says Noort.

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