Sandra Bullock opens up about the loss of her father, 2 dogs, and crying in the bathtub

Actress Sandra Bullock opened up about the loss of her father and dogs in 2018.

Actress Sandra Bullock opened up about the very difficult 2018 she had in which she lost her father and her two pet.

The 54-year-old star of “Bird Box” appeared on Thursday’s episode of “Ellen” where she talked with host Ellen DeGeneres about the emotional and hard time they are going through and how it all came to a climax with her crying in the bathtub.

“Life happens whether you plan or not,” Bull began her story. “That play with my thoughts, this year. My father died, and then, while my father was not, we get a phone call from the nanny, the same nanny that our dog Ruby, the two-legger, have had a stroke. “

Bull says that they asked for the dog on life support, but learned that was not an option and that was the suffering. She felt her father was settled and went home, telling himself, “OK, there is a reason for that.”

Days later she was told her father wasn’t doing well. The nanny then approached her and informed her that her other dog had a tumor on his heart, and would die in a matter of days.

“And I was like, ‘I’m ok,” she said. “And then a week later I’m in the bath crying, and the kids are like” mommy, OK?’ And everyone is like, ” let mommy in bath, she is going to be fine.’ So you know, it’s life, but if you lose your little ride or die, it makes things different.”

Bullock recently made the headlines after suggesting a rather unorthodox solution to the ongoing Oscars hosting situation. After the losses of Kevin Hart, this year’s host, Var recently suggested that the actors and actresses in the crowd will be randomly selected to take part.

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