Sanders defends ‘Medicare-for-all” plans in Canada caravan with patients buy drugs cheaper

in the vicinityVideoCan Bernie Sanders bounce back after going behind in the polls?

Sanders looks to dig out from the post-debate hole; reaction and analysis from former DNC CEO Jess O’connell and Trump 2020 surrogate Jack Kingston.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Wednesday, the tremendous beam power, defended its government-run “Medicare-for-all” campaign proposal, against critics, against the destruction of private health insurance, while the announcement of plans for a caravan in Canada to buy cheaper medicine than in the US available

Sanders’ campaign billed the speech in Washington as a way to unite against the Democratic opponent of “Medicare for all”,” challenge of the insurance and pharmaceutical industry and challenge the Democrats to the policy.


Speaking at the George Washington University, called a Democratic-socialist, it is an “international embarrassment” that the United States is not a guarantee for the health of all its employees. He dismissed the concern that a single-payer system like “Medicare for all” would be the end of private health plans.

“I’ve never been a person that loves to met, your insurance,” said Sanders. “I’ve met a lot of people love their doctors and their nurses, and have very good experiences in their hospitals.”

Under his plan, Sanders argues that patients can still go to your doctors and hospitals but you have to more deal with rip-off insurance companies.”

During the speech, Sanders said that in two weeks he plans to lead a group of Americans with type 1 diabetes on a bus trip to Canada to purchase insulin at lower prices than in the United States.

The purpose of the trip, he said, is, to say, “the pharmaceutical industry is to go to their greed, to the end that under a” Medicare for all ” -is there a cap for what people pay for medicine, and we are clearly — and the word underline is significantly lower prescription drug costs in America.”

“We are tired of being ripped off get to,” he said.

In his speech, Sanders and his Democratic rivals to reject campaign donations from the insurance and drug industries called.


Vice President Joe Biden, another Democratic presidential candidate announced a plan Monday to add a “public option” for the 2010 ObamaCare health care law, while the expression of opposition to the “Medicare for all” single-payer health care system-supported by most of his top competitors for the democratic presidential nomination.

“I understand the reference to “Medicare for all”,” Biden said. “But the people support it should be clear that it means that the to get rid of ObamaCare. And I’m not sure. I was signed very proud of the day, as I stood there, with Barack Obama and he that is the law.”

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