Sanctions US take a further eight Venezuelans

Sanctions US take a further eight Venezuelans

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The government-Trump the sanctions against Venezuela expanded by the assets of eight Venezuelans to freeze. Among them, the brother of former president Hugo Chávez and a leading advisor to the current ruler Nicolás Maduro. That the American ministry of Finance on Wednesday published.

The parties are responsible for “policies or measures that the democratic process in Venezuela, undermine”, reads the statement. They may also the US is no longer in and the Americans is forbidden to have affairs with them to do.

The new sanctions affect not the oil industry, all keep the Americans this option explicitly open. Venezuela, which has the largest proven reserves in the world, is for his foreign currency for 95 percent dependent on its oil exports. The U.S. is one of the most important customers.

Treasury sanctions 8 individuals involved in Venezuela’s illegitimate Constituent Assembly:


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17:04 – 09 August, 2017

Last week put the U.S. already imposed sanctions on president Maduro. That happened in response to the vote on the appointment of a so-called ‘constituent assembly’, which allows the president a large number of political interventions to make. On the day of the election led to mass protests and the attempts to suppress it, until at least ten dead.

The opposition boycotted the elections for the grondwetsraad, which, according to the opponents of Maduro fraudulent were. On Wednesday, let the opposition know that the candidates would register for the elections in december in Venezuela would have to take place.

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According to the White House can president Maduro after the vote can be considered a dictator. “The recent developments in Venezuela are a serious attack on democracy in our free world,” said the national security advisor of the USA Herbert McMaster.

Also the United Nations have shared their concerns about the developments in the South American country, where since april continuing protests are going on against Maduro. A team from the UN examined the dead and wounded who fell by the hands of the Venezuelan security forces. The UN to hold the government and the president of Venezuela responsibility for the protection of human rights in the country, as reported a spokesman Tuesday.

President Maduro shows that it is not yet under the impression of the penalties, nor the calls of colleagues from the international politics. The South American trading bloc Mercusor, Venezuela has even suspended as a member.


The situation in Venezuela in one minute

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