San Francisco’s new mayor represents the city in an uproar, surrounded by crime, homelessness, lost business

London breed was sworn into office on Wednesday in San Francisco, the first African-American mayor, taking over for the late Ed Lee.

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London breed was sworn into office on Wednesday in San Francisco, the first African-American mayor, taking over for the late Ed Lee and directly in front of a series of financial and social problems of the city’s plagues.

Race, a 43-year-old Democrat and former President of the city board of supervisors was tasked with tackling a mounting homelessness crisis, a lack of adequate housing, as more and more people flock to the Bay Area and a growing gap between longtime residents and recently arrived-tech industry.

“We are a tale of two cities, we are one in San Francisco and as your mayor I will do everything I can to unite us and to do us for the purposes of what we need to be on the right track,” breed said during her opening speech on Wednesday afternoon.

The biggest obstacle race faces, as the mayor of the fighting in the city of Grassi’s homeless problem.

City statistics show that at any given time, it is up to 7,500 homeless people living on the street. The Problem was exacerbated by the country’s ongoing opioid epidemic.

Throughout the city, homeless people daily injection of heroin and Smoking of methamphetamine can be seen in bright daylight on the streets of downtown. According to reports from the city of-Public Works Department, with 10,000 needles were collected from the street in March 2017, compared with just 3,000 during the same period in the previous year.

The Problem is not only the impact on the residents of the city; it is also the fault as a major drawback for the tourism industry.

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in San Francisco – bring in $9 billion a year in revenue, employs around 80 000 people and generate more than $725 million in local taxes. But the amount of homeless people in the city, especially in tourist-heavy areas of the Wharf, Union Square, and Fisherman’s, which has caused some visitors to rethink their travel plans.

“When these things leave, it all — affects us the taxi, the hotel, the restaurant-Hotel” Council of San Francisco Executive Director Kevin Carroll told local media that moved to a big fair out of the city because of these concerns. “We need to be worried.”

To combat the homeless problem in San Francisco, Breed will, among other things, the improvement of the hospital-and hospice-care for the homeless, open safe injection sites for drug addicts, medical teams, working on the streets with overdoses, and to construct permanent housing for the city of the homeless.

“There is nothing compassionate or to banish safe the people, especially those who sleep under the mental health or addiction problems, in the streets,” breed wrote a piece on Medium.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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