San Francisco police release video of deadly shooting

SAN FRANCISCO – Video from the body camera of a wounded police officer shows officers in a gunfight inside a barber shop that left a gunman dead and five wounded.

Images of the 21 March shootout was released Thursday night during a police town hall meeting.

The two-minute video of the wounded officer shows the confrontation that took place in the Amazon Barber with the 21-year-old Jehad Eid, who later died in a hospital.

The police told the town hall audience that the officers received reports that Eid had threatened his family, flashed a gun from under his jacket and tried to break into the garage of a home on Amazon Avenue.

Arriving officers were told that the Eid had gone to the barber. The uniformed male officer wearing the camera and a female officer in plainclothes who do not have a camera went inside.

They find Eid sit down, but he stood and shot at the agents, who fired back, police said.

Video of the uniformed officer’s point of view” let him walk in the barbershop and then two seconds later fall to the ground, injured. He shoots his gun and loads. The plainclothes officer also pulled a pistol and crouched behind a barber chair.

The sound only comes after the first shots are fired.

An invisible man in the back of the store can be heard repeatedly screaming, “I have children, I have children, I have children here,” referring to children who were allegedly eating pizza in the back of the building, the San Francisco Chronicle.

Also heard, that someone reporting “we have an officer down,” and the plainclothes officer yell: “Put your hands up” as the cases Eid moved be.

There is blood and a shell casing on the floor by the officer, who was shot in the leg. Later he is heard to say: “I’m hit.”

He crawls out the door with the help of a sergeant and asked where the suspect is.

“He is on the ground,” he says.

The police said Eid, fired nine shots from a .40-caliber pistol. The two officers fired 26 bullets and Eid was struck 18 times, police said.

Video of another officer who stormed into the shop after the shooting revealed that customers racing and Eid bleeding while he was on his back to a barber on the chair. A third video taken from a police dashboard camera, shows officers outside, seek cover behind cars as the fusillade of shots went off.

In addition to the officer, four people in the barbershop were struck or grazed by gunfire, including a boy who was shot in the foot.

The shooting is being investigated by the police and the district attorney’s office.

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