Samsung’s heir-braces-for-the-top judgment of the court of the ex-president’s corruption case

SEOUL (Reuters) – Samsung Group will soon discover that the fate of the de-facto leader, on Thursday, when South Korea’s Supreme Court rules whether to uphold the bribery conviction of Jay Y. Lee in a scandal that unseated the president, and the educated public, public to corporate untouchables.

A FILE PHOTO of Samsung Electronics ‘ Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee is with the head office in Seoul, south korea, south africa, South Korea, June 23, 2015. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji/Photo File

The ruling will also be able to determine how much Lee, 51, is able to focus on managing the group’s flagship Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. through the declining profitability of Japanese exports of the pavement with respect to the materials to be of crucial importance for the largest chipmaker.

Lee, vice president of Samsung Electronics, was convicted in march of 2017 for up to five years in prison for bribery by a friend of the former President, Park Geun-hye, as he sought to succeed his father, and to secure control of the Samsung Group of companies.

He was released from prison after years of detention by the court of appeal Seoul High Court halved his sentence, and will be suspended for four years. Well, Lee, who denies any wrongdoing, and the public prosecutor’s office to appeal again.

The Supreme Court is set to rule on the court, the court of appeal of the decision in the case against the Park, which was fenced in as a result of the scandal, and is serving a 25-year prison sentence, and her boyfriend, Choi Soon-sil, was sentenced to 20 years for both bribery and other charges.

Just the latest in a series of sets of bosses to be jailed for corruption, but it will be a mild sentence, drawing, and public calls for the reform of the large companies have often been criticized for a close relationship with the political leaders.

The Supreme court is able to maintain Lee’s conviction and the suspended sentence or make a request to the Seoul High Court to reconsider its decision. That could lead to a conviction is destroyed or a more severe penalty, legal experts say.

“In politics, as the current government is still trying to get rid of the corruption of the previous government, and the Supreme Court is more likely to send the case back to the court, the court of appeal, which could result in a severe penalty,” said the lawyer, Choi Jin-nyoung, who was not involved in the case.

The government is headed by the Chairman, Moon Jae-in, former liberal human-rights lawyer, was elected on an anti-corruption platform, Park, impeachment, and the weeks of protests.


The case focuses on whether the three horses were donated by the Samsung Group in the course of Later ‘ s daughter is a competitive equestrian sport, it should be viewed as a bribe aimed at winning the Park’s development.

Court documents showed the Park asked Lee to help out with the daughter and was convicted on the ground that the horses have been a bribe worth 3.7 billion won ($3.05 million). However, all of the horses were not identified as such, in Lee’s first trial, to help reduce his sentence.

“The horses are, and whether or not there had been any unfair advantages, it will be critical to the judgement of the Court,” said lawyer and Jun Ji-hyun. “The south Koreans have been paying attention to the matter, having regard to the political and commercial implications.”

The award is scheduled to occur at 2 pm (0500 GMT) and will be broadcast live on television. Lee, it is not necessary for you to attend.

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The decision comes at a critical time for both the Samsung and the home country, as Japan’s decision last month to limit the export of its main chipmaking chemicals, after a diplomatic dispute that threatens to disrupt the production of memory chips, South Korea’s largest export product.

Lee has been a high-profile mission to take what he said to his lieutenants, was in a “crisis”.

Samsung, the world’s largest producer of memory chips and smartphones, is also in the face of declining profitability, as the prices of the chips and the boards move. In the report, a 56% drop in June-quarter profit, and said to Japan, and the pavement blurred in his outlook.

Reporting by Ju-min Park and Heekyong Yang; Editing by Jack Kim Cushing and Christopher

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