Samsung puts out 16 billion euros in new chipfabrieken

Samsung puts out 16 billion euros in new chipfabrieken

Photo: Samsung

Samsung puts out in the coming years, certainly 20 trillion won (15.6 billion euros) in two new chipfabrieken in South Korea.

The electronics company made Tuesday announced that the first chips of the band are rolled in a new factory in the city of Pyeongtaek. The construction of the factory took converted for about 12 billion euro.

Samsung says that investments in the plant until 2021 will amount to almost double that. In Pyeongtaek Samsung memory chips, which in recent years very much in demand for use in smartphones.

In another South Korean city, cross Samsung over 4.5 billion euros in the creation of a chipfabriek that uses ” extreme UV-light to create chips. According to the Dutch company ASML, which chipproductiemachines, the EUV technology provide the following verbeterslag in the production of computer chips. The company thinks that by the beginning of 2019 the mass production of chips using EUV on the corridor.

Although Samsung among consumers, especially known for its smartphones, tablets and televisions, will earn the company mainly to its chipproductie. In the first quarter of 2017 was this branch accounts for over three-quarters of the operating profit.

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