Samsung presents three Galaxy S10-phones and foldable Galaxy Fold

Samsung Wednesday three models in the new Galaxy S10-line presented. Also unveiled was the company the Galaxy Fold, a smartphone with a foldable screen.

The four smartphones were Wednesday night during a Samsung event in New York from the paintings done. The Galaxy S10-phones have all three, a hole in the screen for the front camera.

The Galaxy S10 looks a lot like the S9 last year. Is the screen larger, and the edges above and below the screen thinner. As with the previous S phones running the display in the edges of the device.

The standard S10 has a oled display of 6.1 inch with an aspect ratio of 19 to 9. On the back are three lenses placed. With the standaardcamera are photos of 12 megapixels. In addition, the S10 is a telephoto lens with a two times optical zoom and a wide angle lens, that the image in 123 degrees is to catch.

The finger print scanner on the back is gone. The scanner is under the display on the faceplate. Samsung used an ultrasound scanner that with sound waves works. According to the company to work the scanner better in damp, warm and cold weather conditions.

Specifications Galaxy S10

Larger S10+ and smaller S10e

In addition to the Galaxy S10, also appears a larger Galaxy S10+. This device has a oled display of 6.4 inch. Also this phone has three cameras on the back. On the front of the S10+ is the only double lens. It allows, for example portrait photos with a better depth of field effect will be created.

The S10 is on sale from 899 euro and is available in black, white and green. The S10+ is in the same colors is on sale for 999 euros. The most expensive model, with more ram and 1 TB of storage, costs 1.599 euros.

Samsung announced the S10e a third model. This version has no curved screen, but a flat oleddisplay of 5.8 inches. Because of this, the phone has visible edges of your screen. On the front has the S10e as the S10 a cutout in the picture for some camera lens.

The S10e is not only in black, white and green, but also in yellow available. This model is 749 euros the cheapest. Samsung brings three new S10 models on 8 march.


Samsung presents Galaxy S10 with telephoto lens and wide angle lens

Foldable Galaxy Fold

Samsung has presented Thursday also the Galaxy Fold: a smartphone with a foldable screen that also if tablet use is.

Folded up, the phone has a screen of 4.6 inches. Unfolded it measures the screen 7.3 inches. Apps that the foldable display support, should be automatically on the expanded screen. Among others, WhatsApp, Microsoft Office, Google Maps, and Netflix support the foldable screen, Samsung announced.

In addition, it is on the expanded screen of the device is possible to have three apps at the same time. The screen is divided into one big app and one or two small apps.

Below each screen of the Galaxy Fold is a battery. The unit is also equipped with six cameras: three at the back, two on the inside and one on the front.

Samsung brings the Galaxy Fold on 3 may in Europe on the market in the colors black, silver, green, and blue. Reportedly, the unit starts to eur 2,000 for costs.

Samsung presents Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold
© Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Fold
© Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Fold
© Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Fold
© Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Fold
© Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Fold
© Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Fold
© Samsung

Wearables and wireless earbuds

In addition to new phones, announced Samsung’s new wearables. The new Galaxy Watch Active is a sports watch that enables activities such as walking, cycling, rowing or swimming can be recorded. The device is equipped with gps and can be charged through the back of the Galaxy S10. Also made the watch hartslagmetingen and gives the wearable a warning if the heart rate becomes too high.

Samsung also introduces wireless earbuds. The Galaxy Buds are in-earoordoppen in a oplaaddoosje be kept. On a full charge, users can according to Samsung up to six hours long to listen to music. There is still seven hours when using the battery in the box.

Galaxy S10 5G

Finally, it presented a phone that responds to the 5G network: the Galaxy S10 5G. The device has a oled display of 6.7-inch, four cameras on the rear and one camera with a 3D sensor on the front panel.

In addition, the Galaxy S10 5G a storage capacity of 256 GB, but no room for expansion with a micro-SD card.

It is unclear whether the Galaxy S10 5G in Europe is going to be sold and how expensive the phone would be. Worldwide, the roll-out of 5G networks, which include faster internet connections promises, at the earliest in 2020 is expected.


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