Samsung invests in water-repellent glass for smartphones

Samsung invests in water-repellent glass for smartphones

Photo: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Smartphones and tablets from Samsung get in the future, and a special kind of water-repellent glass, which can ensure that smartphoneschermen better to remain clean.

The smartphonemaker has an exclusive license bought on a glascoating developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a part of the U.s. department of Energy.

The coating is ‘hydrophobic’. That means that water drops are repelled and directly from the glass roll or even bounce. If water is off the screen flows, takes the dust and other dirt. Further reflection by the glass with the coating is less than a ‘normal’ variant, and it would also be less prone for fingerprints.

Samsung only has a license for the coating to be used in electronics, but according to the Oak Ridge researchers would be the glass could come in useful in more lenses, and solar panels.

It is unclear at what period of time Samsung the glass would be able to use in its smartphones. The smartphones now on the market are usually from ‘Gorilla Glass for their screens, an extra kraswerend type of glass. It is unclear whether the water-repellent coating to combine.

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