Samsung invests in laser scanners for self-propelled cars

Samsung invests in laser scanners for self-propelled cars

Technology companies Samsung and Foxconn have teamed up with a few investment companies $ 10 million invested in TetraVue. That American company makes laser scanners that self-propelled cars, as it were, can “see”.

Reports that Samsung on its website.

It is the first major investment round for TetraVue, which in 2008 was established. TetraVue to own say, a more advanced so-called lidarscanner. Lidar stands for laser imaging detection and ranging’, the use of laser pulses to the distance to objects can be calculated.

Under more Google already makes use of similar lidar technology. The technique of TetraVue, however, would be much better able to quickly and from far away objects to see and recognize, thanks to a higher resolution of the captured images.

It is not known how much of the invested ten million dollars by Samsung and Foxconn are inlaid. Samsung announced in november of last year, known the manufacturer of auto parts Harman to take over. Thus, the company wants in the car-industry steps and respond to the emergence of self-propelled cars.

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