Samsung Galaxy Note 7 joke leads to problems in the sky

File photo – A exchanged Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 7 is on display at the headquarters of the company in Seoul, South Korea, Oct. 13, 2016. (REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji)

A flyer is (or, as in some other media, “bastard”) decision to change the name of its wi-fi hotspot “Samsung Galaxy Note7_1097” causes problems in the sky Tuesday night.

In case that you have already dozing during the recent pre-takeoff announcements, airlines worldwide ban on the Samsung GN7 after the reports of the phone lithium-ion battery can catch fire.

The BBC reports the mid-air of the trouble started when a passenger on Virgin America 358 opened his laptop and watched it suspiciously on the name wi-fi network.


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In a series of tweets, Luke Wojciechowski told what happened on the late evening flight from San Francisco to Boston after a call went out requesting the passengers with a GN7 pressure on his or her call button.

First came a crew announcement: “This is not a joke. We are going to turn on the lights (it is 11 pm in the evening) and people are looking for the bag until we find it.” Then 15 minutes later: “This is the captain speaking.” Wojceichowski tweets that when no one owns, the airplane will land.

Then finally a sigh: “Ladies and gentlemen, we found the device. Fortunately, only the name of the device is changed in ‘Galaxy 7’. It was not a GN7.” In a statement provided to TechnoBuffalo, Virgin America, explains that “when our InFlight Teammates see potential evidence of [GN7] on board, they take it seriously.” The carrier corrects earlier reports that the a kerfuffle affected flights, saying: “no flights were cancelled or delayed as a result” of the incident.

(Samsung apologizes for the device in a very bold way.)

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