Samsung expects to significantly less profit after Note 7 fiasco

Samsung expects to significantly less profit after Note 7 fiasco

Photo: Bloomberg

Samsung has as a result of the debacle around the fire, Galaxy 7 smartphone its profit forecast for the third quarter were significantly reduced.

That made the South Korean technology group Wednesday announced. Samsung now provides an operating profit of 5.2 trillion won (4.2 billion euro).

The company launched last week a forecast profit of 7.8 trillion won (6.3 billion euros) to the outside. The sales expectations are adjusted from 49 trillion to 47 trillion won.

It is still unclear what effect the production stop of the fire smartphone in the next several quarters.


Tuesday, it was announced that the Galaxy Note 7 completely are withdrawn from the market. The herfstvlaggenschip Samsung was already recalled, but also replacement copies could catch fire.

According to the American consumentenwaakhond are only in the US have been 92 reports of exploding batteries has arrived, in which 26 people, burns occurred. In the Netherlands, the device has the market not been achieved.

The five thousand people that the Note 7 already had ordered, you may choose a different unit or their money back. As compensation displays Samsung also provide them with a free memory card.

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Despite extensive research by hundreds of workers seems Samsung still don’t know what the problem in the Picked 7 exactly has caused.

The company thought that poorly designed batteries behind the issue were, reports the New York Times Wednesday on the basis of sources within Samsung and documents that a supervisor has been submitted.

In that battery, of sister company Samsung SDI, could by a design fault short circuit occur. Later, however, showed that the batteries of the other supplier ATL unsafe. Samsung would still be fumbling in the dark about the cause, and the hundreds of researchers have the problem still not able to reproduce.

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According to the New York Times if Samsung offline-only communicate with each other about the examination of the problems with the Note 7, in order to avoid that there is a lot of evidence would arise that could be used in lawsuits and investigations. E-mails about the study were out of the question.

Battery researcher Park Chul-wan, that the documents of the Korean regulator, however, says that the problem with the Note 7 is likely to be very complex. “The Note 7 had more features and was more complex than all the other phones on the market. In a race for the iPhone to catch up, seems Samsung there is so much innovation in to have stopped the uncontrollable.”

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