Samsung confirms battery fire Galaxy Note 7 caused

Samsung confirms battery fire Galaxy Note 7 caused

Photo: Samsung

Samsung confirms that the batteries of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to the cause of the overheating problems, which in October last year to a global recall led.

That said Samsung ceo Dong Jin Koh Monday during a press conference in which the research results to the fire hazard of the phone were announced.

The conclusions of the research of Samsung licked Friday. The American newspaper the Wall Street Journal reported on the basis of insiders that the battery of the Galaxy Note 7 is not well in the housing of the device applied. That would cause overheating and in some cases even exploding Note 7 instances as a result.

Samsung states that the the past few months, every aspect of the Galaxy Note 7 has been investigated. In the large-scale study of about 700 Samsung employees involved. They analysed more than 200,000 devices and over 30,000 batteries. The company migrated three objective research in to the incident to watch.


The company says it takes responsibility for not identifying the problems that have emerged from the batterijontwerp and the production process.

To ensure that similar problems still occur, Samsung has the protocol extended. “The lessons that the past few months we have learned, are now deep into our processes and our culture anchored”, says Samsung.


Samsung decided as a result of the battery problems to the Galaxy Note 7 is completely taken out of production and all delivered copies to recall it. In the United States are now 96 percent of all Note 7-copies returned.

According to the American telecom provider Verizon, however, there are still thousands of devices in use, in spite of released software updates that the Note 7 disable, reports Fortune. To further use to avoid, has Verizon decided that henceforth, all the outgoing calls that users perform automatically switching to the customer service of the company.

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