Salut, Lviv – the city between the West and East!

Ok. Heir we are. Train, bye-bye! We’ll meet in couple of days. And now, Lviv, salute!!!  Hi there, a particularly distinctive town with various and sometimes opposite or even controversial phenomena and concepts entwine naturally. Greetings, whose date of birth was in 1256! Hello, the city between the West and East!

 What to do first? Let me think, oh, exactly, I need to buy a guide-book.
–    Thank you, madam. Diakyu

What’s the history tell about Lviv?  Since the old times when Danylo  Halytsky, the Prince, founded Lviv people of many ethnic traditions and religious denominations have lives together in town which creates a unique atmosphere of the city and tremendously enriches its culture. The fact that the lion’s share of all the historical and cultural monuments of Ukraine preeminently fall at the town of Leo – Lviv – provides a vivid evidence of the latter. Oh, and in 1998, the historical center of Lviv was entered in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.”

Ok. And I think, better to begin from Rynok Square! It is one of the oldest squares of Lviv. Its history goes as back as to the 14th century. The landmark of Rynok Square (and consequently of Lviv) is the ratusha (town hall). This building has 350 stairs; climbing, there is an opportunity to view operation of the clockwork mechanism functioning since 1851. I think, it is interesting, to visit the History Museum of Lviv. The Italian Yard is extremely attractive. Here, a coffee shop is open, as well as a lot of exhibitions, concerts and various artistic events are organized.

Each mansion in Rynok Square entwines with names of prominent citizens of Lviv: burgomasters, patricians, merchants, poets and kings. I’m sure, everyone can learn the history of Lviv simply following the history of Rynok Square.

Go on following! In Krakivska Street it’s easy to find the biggest Lviv’s church – Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of Transfiguration. And near – the main shrine of Lviv’s Armenian Community – Virmensky (Armenian) Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin; this is the most exotic building of Lviv that goes as far back as the 14th century. And after Roman Catholic Church of Corpus Dominicans, inside there is nodivine…

It is very interesting in Town Arsenal, which was constructed in 1576. At the present this building is occupied by the Museum of Arts – a branch of the Lviv History Museum. At last, there we are. In Latin Cathedral! It is surrounded by Katedralna Square and this building is grandiosity. Kampiany chapel – the most beautiful and valuable chapel of the Latin Cathedral as regards adornment. And Boyim Chapel is an astonishing example of the Renascence architecture.

Without fail, it is necessary to visit the central street Svoboda Avenue. The most beautiful building there is Opera House, which was built in 18 century; the interiors of the theater are opulently embellished .  There are also a lot interesting and cognitive: National Museum and Ethnography and Craft Museum, Vysoky Zamok, Palace of Art, Picture Gallery,oh, and St. Yura (George) Cathedral (huge and magnificent) and long ect…

So I worship you, Lviv. The city of ancient history, small streets, magnificent churches and sensations of a cosiness.

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