‘Salmonella, alerting the body to presence of tumors’

‘Salmonella, alerting the body to presence of tumors’

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The salmonellabacterie may according to South Korean scientists are helping in the fight against tumors. A genetically modified salmonella sprayed directly into the tumor would be the body informing it of the presence of cancer. The immune system would therefore be faster in action to the tumor to fight.

Researchers at the Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital in Gwangju, writes The Telegraph, would have shown that the salmonellabacterie can be used as a kind of Trojan horse. That infiltrates in the cancer cells and the body says that these cells need to be tackled.

Previous studies were focused on the potential of bacteria such as salmonella, to use as a means of transportation to cancer drugs in tumors. According to scientists, it is the first time that they tried to the own response of the body to salmonella to use in the fight against tumors.

The research team discovered this ability by accident during another test. It was the scientists that the salmonella a eitwit produced a strong immune response caused.


Test with the bacterium as alarmmiddel on mice with colon cancer were according to the scientists so successful that they are now people want to test. More than half of the mice would fully cured without any side effects.

“We are convinced that this research pioneering. Immune cells can now tumors fight”, says a professor of microbiology at the South Korean university.


Cancer cells are very good at tricking the immune system. This is mainly because a tumor to normal tissue which has become infected. The immune system see a tumor not as a binnendringer.

Some cancers can even ensure that they will not be noticed by the body. The immune system knows that the cancer in the body.

The researchers would be a safe form of salmonella have been developed that are a million times less powerful than the original bacterium that is food poisoning caused. The immune system would this custom salmonella still recognize.

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