Salma Hayek wild director Ivan Reitman sue

Salma Hayek wild director Ivan Reitman sue

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Salma Hayek has ever threatened director Ivan Reitman to complain, after he announced her for a leading role like cast because of her ethnicity.

The 50-year-old Frida actress explains in an interview with The Guardian that she audition should do for a starring role in a film. “They told that the character is not a Latina, but that it was not a problem to the script to adapt.”

When Hayek the script for her audition was sent, this turned out to be a different role than the character for which they had already been written had prepared. Hayek asked her agency or they explanation wanted to ask the producententeam of the film. When it turned out that she, the actress wanted to cast for a supporting role, a bimbo-ish woman.

“They said she is Mexican. We can find the origin of the “bimbo” character to adjust, but not that of the lead.'” Hayeks agent asked if they, nevertheless, not five minutes could free up so the actress audition could do for the starring role, but that could “absolutely not”. “So I said, tells you that she me later, or I tell them to.”


Then got Hayek by director Ivan Reitman and his team, to hear that it didn’t want to audition. “Because even though she gives the best audition, they will play the role never. We have now hates her. She wants to come to the assumption that we are not allowed to?”

“I thought that the director that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are twins lets play (Twins, red.), also known as a Mexican moderedacteur in his films saw,” she says.

Presumably, this was a starring role in Reitman comedy Six Days, Seven Nights, in which Meg Ryan is ultimately the role of an editor played. Hayek says that she is with the role something could add to the diversity in Hollywood. “I found that I have a role if this was excused on the new generation of Mexicans. That if I would do it, something would change.”

Until a lawsuit is not more. Hayek came Reitman later, and the Ghostbusters-director apologize offered. “We had a very pleasant conversation, he was very elegant. He told me that he wrong was.”

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