Sala died at the head and borstletsel in plane crash

Emiliano Sala is the accident by head – and borstletsel, as adopted by section on his body. The striker from Cardiff City is not drowned.

Sala became on January 21, went missing, when the privévliegtuig which he from Nantes to Cardiff flew from the radar disappeared. On February 4, his body was salvaged from the wreck.

On the basis of fingerprints could be Sala to be identified, so were the police and the investigation team on Monday at a press conference in Bournemouth known. The investigation into the cause of the crash of the aircraft, is expected to take six to twelve months.

Sala was 17 million euros, the most expensive purchase in the club history of Cardiff City, but he was killed a day before his first workout would finish with his new club.

Cardiff and FC Nantes were the last few weeks looking at the drama. The French club decided that never again a player the number 9 of the Argentine will wear.

Family pilot launch crowdfunding campaign has been

After the plane three days missing was dropped the police quest, since the chances for survivors at least was supposed to. The family of the 28-year-old striker started a crowdfunding campaign has been for the investigation to resume.

After the required money was brought in and the search was resumed, it was within a few hours the wreckage on the 63-meter-deep seabed in The Channel is found. There was only one body recovered, that after section of Sala turned out to be.

The family of pilot David Ibbotson started Monday with a private crowdfunding campaign has been about the search for him to resume. They hope to 350,000 pounds (almost 400,000 euros) to pick up and within a day a half within. PSG attacker Kylian Mbappé collapsed 30,000 euros.

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