Sainsbury’s matches ads in real-time on the weather

The English retailer Sainsbury’s has come up with a special campaign: on sunny days, will screens a lightly dressed model show, but when the fresher it is, the ad is also there to customize.

© Sainsbury’s

The United Kingdom, that is high tea, country houses with manicured gardens and… unexpected rain showers. That also know Sainsbury’s: the retailer has even her last advertising campaign designed. Thanks to live updates and geotargeting will a passer-by of a screen on which a Sainsbury ad, always have the right outfit for the right time get to see. A sunny day? Then you see a model in a bright outfit. It is a bit chilly or it starts to pour? There is then a jacket.

© Sainsbury’s

Also other brands to adjust their marketing previously even to the weather. So you made outdoorspecialist The North Face already a Spotify playlist just to listen to fell at times that it rained in your area. LaRedoute dressed a model warm or lighter depending on the weather and also Burberry fell in 2012 with a re-inspired campaign. (EK)

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