Ryanne van Dorst about Nocturnal animals: “The night is a vrijetijdzone’

For her new program Nocturnal dives Ryanne van Dorst in the lives of people who pass the night come to life. In this case it is the viewers have no “zuip – and feestreportages” to be expected, the presenter.

“Everyone has their own story,” says Dorst in conversation with “Some live for the night and enjoy it, others would not be awake and are a prisoner of the night. In the program, people come for a separate, night-time hobby, but I also go to the streets and ask the people that I meet during my travels a few questions. In Rotterdam I came across a man who just got out of the park came, in search of sex, who does than just his story.”

“I come often on the street at night, am home late and late to wake up. In the night I see all kinds of lights are on then and I’m curious: who else is awake at this godforsaken time? I travel through the Netherlands, dive any night and look for people who also are awake.”

In the first episodes, visit the show in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, but also places such as Doetinchem and Deventer are also discussed. “I try to be there in Hilversum by rams that the Netherlands is bigger than just the Netherlands.”

One of the most notable people who Thirst spoke for her program, she found a man in Rotterdam, at night, the household searched. “I came up with the man in conversation, and when it turned out that he was in the debt restructuring was, because the company of him and his ex-wife had gone bankrupt. His wife is with him gone and he is talking to his daughter no more, very sad. Now he seeks the household by in order to find the stuff that he can sell for food and beverage.”

“The night gives an apocalyptic feel

“The night gives me a free feeling,” says Dorst. “There is no one on the street, so you can not be judged, there is no one that you in the road. I experience it as a vrijetijdzone. A bit like when it’s almost about storms and people went home running, such an apocalyptic feeling.”

The television itself have any tips for people who a night to strikethrough? “Of course I had to be sober, because I had it in my head to stay, I could not go to the drink and drugs intervene. I’ve noticed that good food in between, and drinking water was good.”

Of Thirst in addition to the advantage of Nocturnal animals is still “very much” plans for the coming year. “The Perfect Picture (the fotografiewedstrijd in which she became third, red.) I am captivated by the fotografievirus and I am planning to make. I’m looking forward to it, to do that at my own pace. Furthermore, I am a new sheet on the writing for my band Dool and come again, a lot of things on my path. I grab life by the night.”

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