Ryanair passengers almost arrested on the Pringles, water

A dad on a Ryanair flight was threatened with arrest after trying to get free Pringles during a long delay.


A father clashed with Ryanair staff and was threatened with arrest on a package of Pringles in a four-hour delay.

Johnny McMenamin was ready to depart Barcelona, Spain and return to the County of Tyrone, Northern Ireland, with his five-year-old daughter last Monday.

But the couple were left waiting for two hours at the Airport of Reus when their plane was delayed.

Once aboard, the passengers were waiting on the plane for another two and a half hours.

McMenamin , 36, said he was worried when his daughter appeared “sad and tired” and they had yet to take off.

He was shocked that the passengers had to beg for water, but he was shocked when flight attendants would not give him free snacks and drinks, given the long delay.

He told Belfast Live: “I could not believe that they are trying to charge for me a snack for a child when we had a delay of 4 hours 39 minutes.

“I asked for a bottle of water and Pringles for my daughter, and she insisted that I needed to pay £5.50 (about $7.10), which I refused out of principal.”

McMenamin noted that there is a refreshment voucher handed out to passengers was intended for use in the terminal, but he expects the crew to make an exception as a result of the delays.

The pilot later made two announcements to claim that the passenger was the “steal of the bar” would be met by the police, so that he eventually paid for the property.

McMenamin is still shocked that the flight attendants would not give his daughter a free bottle of water and a packet of chips after the huge delay.

A Ryanair spokesman said that the passenger had interfere with short take-off and agreed to follow cabin crew instructions after being warned for his behavior.

The spokesman added: “This flight from Barcelona Reus to East Midlands (13 August) was, unfortunately, slow forward take-off as a result of the ongoing ATC restrictions, and ATC staff shortages in the whole of Europe.

“Customers were provided with refreshments, and on board of the aircraft, but the flight was further delayed as a result of the persistent slot delays.

“The crew opened the bars and drinks are served, before the airplane departed to the East Midlands later in the evening. Ryanair sincerely apologized to customers affected by this delay.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun.

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