Russia’s Ambassador pick, breaks with Trump on the Ukraine

nearvideo President Trump praises Republican legislature for the intensification of the opposition to dismissal request

The white house claims that the house impeachment resolution continues to deny that the President by process; chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports.

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On the roster: Russia’s Ambassador pick, breaks with Trump on the Ukraine – Under fire, Biden says the super-PAC to attack Dems – sessions ” potential rival warns of trump punishment – Shel Silverstein, call your office

Politico: “Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan implicitly broke with President Donald Trump on Wednesday, says the legislator, that it is not “in line with our values’, a President to ask a foreign government to investigate a political rival. Sullivan spoke to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the review of his nomination as the next U.S. Ambassador to Russia. Its appearance has offered Senate Democrats a rare opportunity to quiz top Trump administration officials on the issues of the house-led impeachment inquiry trump — and they took full advantage. Sullivan was grilled, in particular, by the New Jersey sen. Robert Menendez, the Committee, the ranking Democrat on impeachment-related issues, including the propriety of what trump is accused of doing: the pressure on the Ukraine government to investigate political rival, the former Vice-President, Joe Biden. On this aspect, Sullivan was pretty direct. In studies, get into a domestic political opponent — I don’t think that would be in accordance with our values,” he said.”

Trump’s attacks on army Colonel puts GOP in bind – WaPo: “Trump and his allies in television bash in Lt. Col. Alexander he received his, says his concerns about what he heard in the trump suit is a July 25 call with the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky drove him to notify his superiors. Trump dismissed he received his as ‘Never Trumper’, while some of its allies questioned the patriotism of the army combat veteran, because his family emigrated from the Soviet Union, when he was 3. Trump’s attack on the Purple Heart recipient unnerved the Republicans in Congress, with a plurality of push back, albeit without naming the President. … The response from trump’s party created an unusual dynamic in which Republicans were defending a man who was at the same time the President undermines accused the national security for his own political purposes. Privately, several Republicans he received his testimony is found to be harmful and complained that once again they were forced to defend the President.”

Officer, said the White house is to the left of the important parts of the Trump call transcript – NYT: “Lieutenant Colonel, Alexander S. he received his, the tip of the Ukraine-expert in the National security Council, said the house prosecution investigators on Tuesday that the White house transcript of July a phone conversation between President Trump and Ukraine is the President, omitted the crucial words and phrases, and of his attempts failed, according to three people familiar with the testimony. The omissions, Colonel, he received his said that included Mr Trump to claim that there are recordings of Ex-Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. discusses the Ukraine of corruption, and an explicit mention of the Ukrainian President, Vladimir Zelensky, the Burisma Holdings, the energy company, whose Board worked with Mr Biden, whose son Hunter.”

Pelosi is trying to shoot the gap on impeachment rules – Fox News: “house Democrats on Tuesday a resolution to formalize their charge request and acceptance of rules for carrying out the method according to persistent complaints of congressional Republicans and the White house that the request was not followed past precedent, the against the President of the due process rights. But … Democrats have stubbornly denied that the document is an ‘impeachment resolution,” perhaps out of concern for how the label would play districts in a moderate swing. The resolution directs the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, financial services, justice, and the ways and means Committee to ” continue its ongoing investigation in the framework of the existing house of representatives, investigation,…’ the Republicans have not opposed, however, that there is no “existing” impeachment inquiry, because the house is not open vote, as it was during the Clinton and the Nixon impeachments — and Tuesday, the resolution does not explicitly open the probe, either.”

“The violent destruction of life and property incident to war, the continual effort and alarm-phone force headquarters in a state of constant danger, to destroy the Nations most attached to liberty resort for peace and security to institutions which have a tendency to, their civil and political rights. To be sure, that you are finally ready to run the risk of being less free.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 8

History: “‘the war of the worlds’ was not planned as a radio hoax, and [Orson] Welles had little idea of the havoc they would cause. The show started on Sunday, 30. October, at 8 PM … on a Sunday evening in 1938 was prime-time, in the Golden age of radio, and millions of Americans, their radios were turned on. … Welles introduced his radio play with a spoken introduction, followed by a speaker read a weather report. Then, seemingly moving away from the Story, the speaker took the listeners to ” the Meridian room in the Hotel Park Plaza in downtown New York, where you will be entertained by the music of Ramon Raquello and his orchestra.’ Lazy dance music played for some time, and then the horror began. A spokesman for broke reports that ‘Professor Farrell of the Mount Jenning Observatory” had detected explosions on the planet Mars. Then the dance music came on, followed by another interruption in which listeners were informed that a large meteor had crashed in a farmer’s field in Grover’s Mills, New Jersey.”

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Biden: 27,6 points, (↓ 1.2 from last wk.)
Warren: 24.8 points (↓ 0.4 from last wk.)
Sanders: 14.6 points (↑ 0.8 from last wk.)
Buttigieg: 6.4 points (↑ 0.4 from last wk.)
Harris: 4.8 points (↑ 0.2 from last wk.)
[Mean values Quinnipiac University, CNN, Fox News, IBD, and Monmouth University.]

Average Approval: 41 Percent
The average of the rejection: 55.6 percent
Net Score: -14.6 Percent
Change from a week ago: ↓ 0.4 points
[Average, which includes: Grinnell/Selzer: 43% approve, reject – 51%; Quinnipiac University: 38% approve, reject – 58%; CNN: 42% approve, reject – 57%; Fox News: 43% approve lean – 55%; Gallup: 39% approve – 57% oppose it.]

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CBS News: “After days of criticism over an apparent softening of his attitude towards super PACs, former Vice-President Joe Biden‘s campaign, warned a newly formed independent unit not to attack, Biden, the Democratic competitors. “Our campaign would be very frustrated if the super-PAC was used to attacks on other Democrats,’ Biden ‘ s campaign manager Greg Schultz told reporters on Tuesday. The new pro-Biden super PAC called Clubs in The country, was registered with the Federal Election Commission on Monday. Biden has denied changing his mind on the question of whether he would welcome the help of super-PACs, to spend for the men behind the unlimited sums of money to increase a candidate. Federal law prohibits super PACs from coordinating directly with campaigns. “The super-PAC has not been funded. It was not to be discouraged. And the reality is not want trump, against Joe Biden. He spends $10 million to date against him,” said Schultz.”

Bernie goes all-in with Latino-vote – Politico: “…Latino activists, who say they hear all the time from voters in your community the high-on [Bernie] Sanders, and that is backed up by polling show him leading or tied among Latinos. Sanders won the coveted recommendation of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. His campaign co-Chairman is San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz. Afro-Latina rapper Cardi B is a fan. … The fact that Joe Biden is counting on strong support from African-American to win the democratic nomination is well known. Less well understood is the same bet that Sanders makes to Latino voters: His campaign convinced that by driving up voter participation among Latinos and young and working-class voters of all ethnic groups, he can the structure of the electorate, to bring new voters into the fold, and expand the 15 to 20 percent of the Democratic voters who are eager to support democratic socialism.”

Buttigieg is driving corporate resume – Politically: “Pete Buttigieg is still in the lists of ‘business man’ in his Twitter bio. He just didn’t talk a lot about the business. For years, Buttigieg, the activity at McKinsey & Company, an international management consulting firm, formed an important part of his political biography, But the resume line faded from Buttigieg stump is speech in the midst of the revelations about McKinsey with authoritarian governments, and the growing skepticism of large corporations. It is unclear what exactly Buttigieg has in those formative years in the business, before he began his political career. South Bend, Ind., the mayor has previously said he worked on projects with renewable energy, the war-zone of the economic development and food prices, but a cloak of secrecy, most of the McKinsey covered activities. What Buttigieg does not tell you is that the company has changed from the one he knew.”

WaPo: “Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.), a top candidate in the U.S. Senate race in Alabama, said Tuesday that he doesn’t back off, if Jeff Sessions is trying to regain his old seat, and warned that the former attorney General of the antagonistic relationship with President Trump would harm him politically should he run again. In the last couple of weeks, sessions active for a comeback had to offer for the seat he held for two decades, to assess, to talk to the allies and the call to a major donor and Fundraiser in the state, his level of support before the Nov. 8 deadline. Both Byrne and meetings draw their main base of political support from the Mobile area, triggering some speculation among insiders in the state that Byrne would race the bow from the Senate and run again for his old house seat if sessions wages place a bid. But Byrne said in an interview on Tuesday that meetings of the entry would not make any difference to me, and swore to himself, in the race to stay, regardless.”

Shimkus rethink retirement – Politico: “GOP Rep. John Shimkus is to reconsider his decision to retire now that the top Republican spot on the energy and Commerce Committee, soon to win — a welcome reversal for a party that, due to a number of high-profile retirements this year. “It is true, I’m at least going to reconsider,’ Shimkus told reporters on Tuesday, saying the legislators on the hill and in its South-Eastern Illinois district have asked him to stay. Shimkus, a close ally of the guide, and roommate of the house minority whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), said to be a key factor in his recovery is Rep. Greg Walden‘s decision to retire at the end of this Congress, this opens the opportunity for the veteran Illinois Republicans are looking for the top GOP slot on the Energy and Commerce Committee. Walden beat Shimkus in the year 2016 for this position.”

North Carolina may delay primary – McClatchy: “Some members of the North Carolina congressional delegation want the state legislature to redraw its congressional map — and do it quickly. To keep North Carolina is planned for 2020 primaries be on 3. March, and a delay in redrawing districts as ordered by a three-judge panel of Federal judges on Monday night could be the Congress primaries move. State Republican lawmakers could be against the order, potentially a final decision slide for months. “I do not understand how their purpose could be different, of the legislative districts, and this drawing,’ Rep. George Holding, a Raleigh Republican, said the state legislature, which recently — and quickly — limit draw house and Senate maps to a court decision. “The worst scenario is a stand-alone primaries. If the General Assembly can not be traced, and it has drawn, we have the stand-alone primaries.'”

Georgia’s voters purge-kicks controversy – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “About 330,000 voters-registrations in Georgia could soon be cancelled because the registrant did not participate in the election for a number of years. The purge comes after Georgia canceled 534,119 entries in July 2017, the maximum distance of voters in the history of the United States. Under a new state law, election officials, voters, prior to the cancel your registration, inform a step that didn’t exist two years ago. The voter-list purge, announced Monday by the secretary of state’s office, strengthen Georgia’s role as a voting rights and political battlefield in front of seats in next year’s elections for President and two U.S. Senate. Last year, voting rights helped define the race for Governor between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp, who won by 1.4 percentage points.”

Trump to headline the Republican party of Florida, the annual fundraiser – Politico

To search for minor-Müller probe figure seat vacated by sex-scandal, the Congressman – Fox News

“The idea of purity and you will never be at risk, and they are always awakened politically, and all that stuff, you should the quick. The world is chaotic. It is not clear. People, the really good stuff have defects.” – Former President Barack Obama during a discussion on the Obama Foundation summit at the Illinois Institute of Technology on Tuesday.

“Really? If Michelle Obama leads [the mid-term report] as someone who could enter the race and immediately the front-runner, maybe there are other reasons, in addition to gender and race, prevent the Harris campaign any traction. I 30,398 th am a person who is on this today?” – Tracy Smith, Little Rock, Ark.

[Ed. Note: you are the first, Ms. Smith, but you are certainly right. I think that Harris’ complaints are a good example of why their once-promising candidacy failed. To take advantage of your inability in possession, and their own campaign errors to a fatal.]

“I got behind podcasts while on my anniversary vacation and only heard the issue from last week (A grumbling Appendix). It is good that your husband the children don’t Nat fans. It is unfortunate that they are not Astro-fans. However, I would suggest that, if you don’t teach them that American League baseball is not really baseball, you can also teach them that the Astros are not actually an American League team. And let’s face it – the citizens are just exhibitions of the world and therefore not really worthy of a title.” – Scott Duncan, Wimberley, Texas

[Ed. Note: Mr. Duncan, I like where your head is!]

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WRIC: “A house owner in Richmond is on the search for answers to the pavement in the vicinity of your apartment has been torn away, without your consent or knowledge. “I’m not sure who did it, why they did it, I didn’t authorize, and it is not in the budget,” said the owner of the house Gina Coutlakis. Coutlakis 8News said sometime between Sept 24-26, someone came up on their own property, while she was at work, torn from the sidewalk and left with him. … Coutlakis has lived in the area for 20 years and never has anyone seen under your walkway. … Neighbors have different accounts, which may be responsible for the strange act. No one remembered to look at it, any kind of name of the company that could help. Richmond police tell 8News filed a complaint with the police, and a detective to the case assigned to it.”

“Of course there are medical errors. And it medical malefactors are. The bad doctors must be found, punished, defrocked. But why should be have their sins paid for by the good doctors among them?” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writing in Time magazine on Jan. 31, 2003.

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